What are Menstrual Cups and how do they work?

The menstrual cups are the most practical, economical, and ecological alternative to traditional internal and external sanitary pads. As the name suggests, the cup serves to collect and not absorb menstrual flow, creating a natural barrier in the uterine cavity. This means greater protection and comfort during the days of the cycle.

The use of menstrual cup NZ has numerous benefits for women and for the environment.

Made with safe, washable, and hypoallergenic materials, they can be reused several times without becoming a waste that is difficult to dispose of. Just rinse them thoroughly at each replacement and sterilize them between cycles.

Easy to wear, comfortable and safe in any situation or time of day, even during physical activity, traveling or at the sea, they offer new freedom in the days of your cycle, allowing you to spend an entire day away from home, without having to carry tampons and sanitary pads with you with the eternal hassle of changing.

Menstrual cups: how do they work?

A menstrual cup NZ is a kind of soft, flexible "cup" that is placed inside the uterine vaginal cavity (just below the cervix) to collect menstrual fluid. Apart from the early days, where it is necessary to acquire a few manual skills, the cups prove to be comfortable and practical to insert and empty between one change and another.

They are worn in a seated and relaxed position and once positioned they create an impeccable seal barrier. In addition, they are designed to adapt perfectly to the anatomy of each woman which makes them safe, washable, and extremely long-lasting.

What distinguishes the various types of menstrual cups, in addition to the color and price, is the holding capacity and size. It is therefore up to each woman to find the model that suits her best and with which she will be more comfortable than her during her period.

Among the many available on the market, Haakaa offers the latest generation of menstrual cups that are particularly comfortable and easy to use because they are made of 100% medical silicone, thin and foldable.

Which ones to choose and how to use them?

When faced with a menstrual cup, the first question that usually arises is: how is it used? Will it really work? At first glance, in fact, the appearance of menstrual cups can cause some perplexity and many women still doubt their reliability.

In reality, using them is extremely simple and - if well positioned - they give a protection that certainly won't make you regret the classic sanitary pads or tampons!

Of course, learning how to use them requires a bit of training and patience, but after a little practice, using them will be a natural gesture that becomes part of the female routine.

Even teenagers or less experienced women can find the menstrual cup that best suits their needs and learn how to use it. Haakaa, on its website, offers the support of a practical guide and some useful tips to better manage the initial difficulties.

Opinions of gynecologists about cups

But what do the experts think of these devices?

Most gynecologists recommend menstrual cups and do not find any contraindications to their use.

No cases of toxic shock syndrome have been reported, precisely because the cups are made of surgical silicone and not of absorbent material. Furthermore, any link between their use and the onset of endometriosis was excluded.

Furthermore, the menstrual cup NZ seems to be well tolerated even by those suffering from vaginal dryness.

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