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What are the different kinds of engine hoists?

Engine hoist can be manual, electric, pneumatic or hydraulic. Manual chain hoists have a chain or even a lever and can lift loads of 500 kgs or even 2, 3 or 5 tons. The electric hoist offers more comfort and, often, a transport car. It allows lifting and lowering loads with precision. If you want the best engine hoist for your own use or business, then you have got to be familiar with the different kinds of hoist types there are, and what they could offer you.

Manual engine hoist

A pulley controlled by an endless chain drives with reduction a second pulley that receives the chain and the lifting hook. To start the hoist, a mobile hook with a safety lock is placed on top of the device.  Depending on the force exerted, the gear will be more or less larger than most other hoists. A hoist of 2 tons of force requires many more rotations of the maneuvering pulley than a model of 500 kg of force.

A hoist with a manual chain may be equipped with a lever called a  lifting lever. This method facilitates the elevation since it reduces the effort. The lightest hoists can be mounted with a nylon rope or cable instead of the chain.

A manual hoist does not require any special maintenance, except the periodic lubrication of mechanical parts, that is, the use of oil. Treat it anyway with the respect it deserved since it is a security tool.

Electric engine hoist

This is an engine hoist designed according to the same operating principles as the manual one, except an electric control replaces the chain actuator.

The electric hoist is often attached to an electric mechanism in fixed workplaces. However, it will be necessary to lift heavy objects with this type of device. In fact, handling a 6-ton manual chain hoist requires a few obligatory mandatory visits to the weight room!

At the base of the elevator block, there is usually a very practical chain reception box that allows the "spring" of the lifting chain to remain high and not block the handling area.

The winch with cable is sometimes called an electric hoist. We could say that any lifting device with vertical action is a hoist.

Avoid the use of a chain hoist to pull a load horizontally if you do not want to damage the mechanism. The manual winch, the electric winch but also the tire, are better for this because they have a  large cable.

 Lever or Pneumatic Engine hoist

It can be used in the same conditions as the manual hoist. It has a high lifting force, it is silent and has progressive controls, ideal for jobs that require precise positioning. As its name suggests, the hydraulic hoist requires a group or nearby hydraulic source.

It is generally more costly to purchase than other kinds of hoists. The hydraulic hoist is found in factories, mainly.

These are all of the engine hoist types that you can purchase. If you want the best kind of engine hoist, be sure to choose the type of hoist that you get carefully.

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