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What can you expect after your mommy makeover?

What can you expect after your mommy makeover?

If you have opted for a mommy makeover to regain your pre baby shape, you must be aware of what to expect after the procedure. Here are a few tips on what to expect after your mommy makeover surgery.

The day after your surgery

The first couple of days after your mommy makeover, you will be on various medication to take care of the pain and to help you sleep. You must rest as much as you can, however, move around a few times a day too. Your main goal during this period should be to heal well. Your recovery during these days will take place in various steps. You will wake up from the anesthesia in about 3 hours and the pain may be unbearable for the first 2 days. Your surgeon will have prescribed pain medication to deal with this. For most women, medication is over by 2 weeks and you can begin increasing your level of activity. It will take about 2 months to be completely healed and 2 years for the scars to completely fade.

You must keep your drains clean and record the amount of fluid drainage. Take healthy drinks and light food. Your doctor will let you know when to shower but this is usually 2 days after your procedure.

Back pain is expected after the surgery

You may experience back pain or walk hunched over for almost a week after your procedure. Your doctor will encourage you to get your back straight after this time period.

Emotional rollercoaster

It is a trauma to have your body cut open and stitched. It is natural to have an emotional breakdown with the pain medication and all the changes. It is best to be aware of this beforehand so that you are better prepared.

Ensure you take your pain medication on time

There will be pain for a while after your procedure. You must set an alarm or let your caretaker know the schedule so that you take your medication time. When medicines are taken on time, it will help you regulate the pain.

Patience is most important

It will be a while before you feel OK. You must realize that your mommy makeover is a major surgical procedure and you should set expectations accordingly. Be patient since your body and mind needs time to heal. Soon you will see the dramatic changes due to which you opted for the procedure in the first place.

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