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The Benefits of Reading to Your Child

No matter how much we don’t want to admit it, we all want our children to be geniuses when they grow up. It’s only natural, the urge to want our children to be successful in all aspects of life only means we want to protect them. To have them be better able to protect themselves from a world that at moments can be…

How to Change a Home Air Filter

One of the quickest…


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What can you expect from Botox?

Botox is part of the group of injectables which use botulinum toxin for paralyzing muscle activity for a while. The toxin is derived from a microbe which leads to botulism.

What is Botox used for?

Botox has become a popular cosmetic injectable since it has the capability of reducing the appearance of wrinkles on your face. It is also used for treatment of problems like excessive underarm sweating, repetitive neck spasms, overactive bladder and lazy eye. It has also been instrumental in helping patients deal with chronic migraine.

Botox is the first drug that made use of the botulinum toxin. When you go for your treatment, you must let your doctor know if you have had a Botox treatment within the last 4 months. Your doctor should also be informed if you are taking any allergy medicines, muscle relaxants or sleeping aids. Blood thinners should be stopped for a while before you undergo the Botox treatment in order to reduce bleeding and bruising.

Most people are able to tolerate the Botox injection easily but the doctor may numb the treatment area. Most surgeons choose from a topical anesthetic, ice or vibration anesthesia which reduces any discomfort from the injection.

What is the procedure?

A thin needle is used to inject small amounts of the Botox into the muscle or skin. The injections depend on the various factors including the area that has to be treated. You can get your treatment in the doctor’s office itself.

What happens after the procedure?

You can return to your normal routine right after the Botox treatment. You must be careful though not to rub or massage the treated area. This could lead to migration of the toxin to an untargeted area.

It takes some days for the Botox to begin working. Depending on the problem that it is used for, your Botox results can last from 3 to several months. In order to maintain your results, you must keep up your regular touch-up appointments.

Botox is a safe treatment in the hands of a well experienced doctor.

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