If you own a business you've likely heard more than a time or two that you should hire a security firm. You may be concerned about the expense of this investment or simply feel like security is not overly necessary. You may even wonder why you should consider hiring guards at all if you are already utilizing surveillance cameras/equipment? Some people even feel there isn't enough of a threat to warrant hiring a security firm Many people have a false perception of what guards do, never fully realizing the many great benefits of security guards during the day to day aspects of running a business. Security is not a one size fits all solution; consider the plethora of security services available that can be specifically tailored to your business, no matter your security needs!

More Than Just A Burly Guy with a Gun

Many people assume all things security guard equate to a heavily armed, brooding male, pacing the premises just waiting for a fight to erupt. While this may be the type of guard that is needed in some businesses, guards come in many shapes and sizes. Would it surprise you to know not all guards are armed, there are many capable female guards, and not every guard is tall, stocky, and muscular? Guards can handle many different types of security. The type of guard depends on the specific needs of the client. Did you know guards are beneficial to your businesses in ways not directly related to security?


A guard's primary purpose is the security of your business, assets, clients, and employees. They can offer a visible deterrent to criminal activity and address potential issues before they become a serious security concern. They can also conduct regular patrols either by foot or vehicle to ensure every inch of your property remains secure (particularly in areas without camera coverage). Guards ensure that someone is actively monitoring cameras at all times, catching illegal activity immediately and identifying emergencies, such as fires or flooding before they cause extensive damage.

Beyond Security

Did you ever consider what would happen if there was to be an emergency at your business? Are your employees equipped to handle situations requiring first aid or emergencies like fire, or threats? Security guards have specific training in de-escalation techniques to assist in situations that become violent or dangerous. Additionally, these men and women are educated in basic first aid and emergency response, ensuring that when ANY emergency occurs there is someone skilled in the proper response.
Guards can take the lead contacting the appropriate authorities, administering first aid, and keeping people calm during an emergency situation. They are trained to stay calm under pressure and can follow and orchestrate the necessary steps to keep everyone safe until police or paramedics arrive.

Assist Customers

As was aforementioned, not all guards are looming presences. Some business owners utilize guards as a means to offer better customer service. Guards can be approachable as a respected source of direction and a safe place to report threats or suspicious activity. Guards can be invaluable sources in helping customers reach the appropriate department, calming down disgruntled clients, and ensuring frightened patrons are escorted safely to their vehicle.

When customers feel secure, they are more likely to recommend and frequent your establishment. Provide a superior customer service experience with the assistance of securit....

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