What does it take to turn your place into a child-friendly home? Here’s what experts say

Once a child comes to this world, the lives of their parents are fundamentally changed. While a child certainly does bring joy to all family members, some preventive measures have to be taken, to assure high safety levels on the premises of your home. Surprisingly enough, most accidents in which children are involved occur at home and some simple tricks and tips will help you decrease the injury chances of your child.


Child home injuries – Statistics and data

  • Deaths associated with home accidents revolve around the number of 6,000, yearly;
  • Yearly, emergency units are visited by two million of children under 15 years old, that were involved in home accidents;
  • 75% of the children under 14 admitted to those units are put under treatment; 40% of those are children under 5;
  • Boys have more home accidents than girls do;
  • Falls are some of the most common accidents for which children are admitted to emergency care units, but also are burns and scalds;
  • Yearly, 62 children under 14, die worldwide due to a home accident;
  • These home accidents cost the UK Government approximately £45.63billion each year.

No matter how concerning these numbers may be, parents can take some preventive measures to increase the safety levels in their home, to prevent potentially deadly accidents from happening to their children. Below are some of the most useful tips and tricks that safety experts give.

Check your appliances yearly

No matter how good you think that your appliances and systems are functioning, a yearly check up is necessary. Frequent servicing is necessary for those systems that have a higher potential to malfunction in time. For instance, the experts at this boiler service Wimbledon located are claiming that most accidents that occur due to a malfunctioning boiler have a deadly potential. A boiler that leaks gas, is without a trace of a doubt a dangerous one. This is why you want to have it serviced at least once a year. A boiler servicing should include the following.

  • Component inspection;
  • Component cleaning;
  • Worn/damaged parts replacement;
  • Gas pressure measurements;
  • Safety tests.

As you can easily observe, these inspections have the potential to save your and your family’s life, but most importantly, to keep your children safe. Children are more sensitive to gas leaks, and you want to make sure that you provide all the safety measures possible.

Consider investing in fixed-cushions sofas

As we all know very well, children love climbing sofas and pulling the cushions off. This may lead to accidents, as oftentimes, sofas have heavy and voluminous cushions. Also, this will prevent not only ugly accidents, but also keep your space looking orderly and tidy. Of course, safety matters are those that you want to bear in mind, the first time when considering such additions. While the price may be a little higher than for regular sofas, these are certainly worth the investment.

Replace your rubbish bins

Make sure to replace your existing rubbish bins with more hygienic ones. Children have a tendency to explore hidden places, and the trash bin is certainly an area in which their curious hands will reach. Besides investing yearly in a boiler service, you may also want to invest in new, more hygienic trash bins, or at least hide the existing ones in hard-to-reach areas.

Invest in a comfortable rug

While children have a tendency to run and fall, a comfortable rug will make it possible for you to attenuate the im.... While even if they land on hardwood floors the impact won’t be too violent, it would be better if you managed to place a centrepiece in the form of a rug, at least to keep them warm while playing on the ground. It is far more comfortable than playing on a hardwood floor, but also safer.

Avoid furniture with sharp corners and legs

If you really want to have an easier time while preventing your children from getting hurt in the comfort of your own home, make sure to invest in furniture that lacks sharp corners or tall legs. As children run around the home, you may want to make sure that even if they hit their heads on something, it lacks the corners that will hurt them in a more serious way. Also, when installing your furniture, make sure to secure it in your walls, by using dedicated systems for this purpose.

These are some great suggestions that will make it possible for you to keep your children safe, and your family happy. While accidents are very likely to occur inside a home, you can make sure to avoid those by taking some simple yet effective measures. Maybe some of the most important steps that you can take are making sure that those systems around your home with a dangerous potential are frequently are professionally serviced.

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