Parenting has always been a tough job since day one. Humans in all civilizations and every era have found it difficult to raise a child. The universal binding factor that is common in every parent around the world and across the generations is that every parent wants the best for his child and wishes to see their kids happy and healthy. Unfortunately, times have changed, and lifestyles have become aggressively competitive over the years. In this day and age when the cost of living has grown exponentially high, even if one of the parents wants to take a career break to dedicate more time to their child, it is often difficult to do so.

In most cases, both the parents need to work because a single income household can barely make ends meet. In many cases, the parents are raising the child as single parents, and therefore career breaks are not an option. The bottom line is that although it is true that a child needs time and attention at an early age, raising a healthy child and providing him a quality lifestyle is expensive, and parents are left with no option than working.

Thankfully, the rise in the concept of great daycares have become a blessing in disguise for working parents, and they can now leave their child behind in safe hands and focus on their work with a peace of mind. There was a time when parents had to rely on babysitters and friends and family members to look after their child while they are at work, but now extended daycares cab do the job effectively.

Benefits of Long Daycares

Many people question the need of sending a child to daycares when a babysitter or a grandparent can do the job. Long daycares offer a lot of benefits that a general babysitter or guardian cannot provide. Firstly, if a parent is hiring an individual babysitter who will be looking after the child for extended hours without any checks, it can be a strict security and safety issue. There have been many reported cases where a child's safety was compromised because of a negligent or unqualified babysitter, and there is no way a parent can check how good a babysitter is. Institutionalized daycare centers offer that safety level since they are licensed and regulated and have a professionally trained staff that looks after the kids which means that you can be at peace that your child is in safe hands.

Besides safety, great daycares like offer an added benefit of early learning. At a daycare, your child will not spend his day watching cartoons on a tablet. Instead, he will be grouped with other kids of his age and will develop essential skills such as social skills emotional skills, spatial skills, and fine and gross motor skills through activity and play. This is something that an individual child cannot get at home in isolation.

Other than skill development, daycares help in putting a child in a routine and train him to take instructions and follow standard protocols. As a result, they prepare a child for regular schools at a young age and enable them to settle in very quickly and quickly as compared to other kids when they start school.

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