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Sometimes people say things that they don’t mean. Everybody understands that they said it just to say something, or like greetings, or to just make the environment easy and to feel good.

But I’m too stupid. I always believe all words that other say to me. Several times I put myself in awkward position because of this attitude. Generally, whatever I say, I mean it. So, when others say, by default I take them as man or word. Or in my mind I want to believe them. So, unconsciously I trust all and their words.

Let me give you some real example of words, you can easily identify that these are all just what people say...

  1. Please visit our house.
  2. Take meal with us.
  3. Please stay longer with us.
  4. I will return your money.
  5. You will be getting paid, whenever I will have some money
  6. I will send your money to your home.
  7. I love you.
  8. I trust you.
  9. I will never let you down.
  10. I will increase your working hours.
  11. You are too good.
  12. I am your friend.
  13. I will promote you.

There are more. Anyway, all of them was for me. And in time they all proved wrong. It’s not other’s fault. It’s my fault that I trust people so easily and then get hurt. Good point is I am becoming use to of it. So, whenever I found anyone, who isn’t keeping their words. I say to myself, oh, its natural human nature. Nothing to bother about it.

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