What Publicists Want Mom Bloggers to Know

There’s no way around it: All of the influencer mom and dad bloggers work with public relations firms in one way or the other, from receiving products to review and securing advertising for their blogs to getting invited to mom blogger events and becoming spokespeople or ambassadors for companies.

Most of us didn’t know how to work with PR agencies when we first started out. A lot of bloggers know that in order to receive some of the best products for review they must be approached by a PR rep first. But what happens after you have been contacted by public relations firms? What is expected of you as a mom blogger and what do companies expect from sending products to you?

We had a few off-the-cuff conversations with PR people via Twitter DM (of course!) a few years ago, but this content is still as relevant today as it was then!

Regarding Numbers

  • Yes, METRICS! I still need to convince some clients about reaching out to (mom) bloggers and results/metrics matter A LOT
  • Metrics R really nice 2 show clients. I think PR people (and clients) should b prepared 2 fork ovr samples if they expect to be written about
  • Also if a mommyblogger is just starting out, don't expect freebies! If there's not enough content or readers, there's no motivation 4 client

Regarding Less Well Received Products

  • I also value feedback a great deal. If you don't like the product/brand tell me so I can forward that on to my client

Regarding Intentions of Public Relations Representatives

  • I'd say that we genuinely want to build long-term relationships and respect who they are and what they do.
  • PR is about promoting benefits of a product that you (the consumer) might enjoy. It's not about trying to get you to try something you wouldn’t like–that would defeat the purpose since we all know bad news always spreads faster than good news.
  • Many PR people, like myself, are mommy bloggers too. We genuinely have good intentions, value relationships & want to do this the right way

Regarding Company Expectations

  • The hope would be for increased brand awareness, building of brand ambassadors/influencers & additional blogs/postings on product.

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Comment by Lissette Fernandez on August 27, 2015 at 8:46pm

This is really a great article! What I would like to know is how to increase viewers to my blog. I feel like I'm networking like crazy with not enough results.


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