What's that sound? Car noises that warrant a visit to the auto repair shop

Is your car making sounds that are giving you the heebie-jeebies? It might be time to visit your local auto repair shop. Keep reading to learn more about the most common causes of strange car noises.

Scraping sounds.

Scraping sounds are often related to brake issues. As you know, the brake is one of the most important components of your car, and it is essential for a safe driving experience. Scraping sounds from underneath your car could be symptoms of worn-out brake pads, which should be replaced as soon as possible.

Squealing sounds.

High-pitched tones or hisses could be caused by different culprits. For instance, the radiator pressure cap and the rubber gasket might be worn out. In addition to that, noises could also be related to vacuum leaks in the hoses. This typically manifests as a whistling sound, coming from inside your car. High-pitch whistles and squealing tones could also be caused by leakage in the weather-stripping. Belts and pulleys can also emit similar noises when they are too worn out. Whether the issue, we recommend a visit to your trusted repair shop to get your car checked out and avoid any risks.

Bumpy noises, percussive ticks and stuttering sounds.

If you don’t have enough oil in your engine, your car might struggle and emit sounds as described in this paragraph’s headline. On the other hand, such sounds can occur even if you have plenty of oil. When your engine makes percussive ticks and other stuttering noises, it’s best to have an auto repair technician have a look at it. The noises could be caused by various mechanical issues. Odd engine noises and behavior can often be caused by issues with the spark plug cables, such as breakage or shorts. You can easily inspect your spark plugs one at a time, if you know what you are doing, making sure that they aren’t worn or burned. If you don’t feel too comfortable attempting such a task on your own, take your car to your trusted repair shop!

Persistent horn noise.

One of the most annoying issues with car noises could be a horn getting stuck! While this isn’t an immediate threat to the performance of the engine and the status of the car, the constant honking is really annoying, and you certainly can’t drive around with a horn that keeps emitting blaring sounds. Thankfully, it isn’t hard to stop the noises by pulling the horn’s wiring and deactivate it. This is a temporary fix, and you shouldn’t drive your car without an active horn. A qualified auto repair professional can assist you in the process of restoring your horn’s performance.

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