What Sealants and Fillings Are Used in Pediatric Dentistry

If your child is 7 to 15 years old, his baby teeth are actively being replaced with permanent ones.  Still, their new teeth are quite different from adult teeth. Children’s are more vulnerable to injury, cavities,  and its complications. 

This is why your baby needs a professional approach and the high qualifications of a dentist. That is why it is better to entrust the treatment to a specialist in the field of pediatric dentistry when it comes to your child’s teeth.

What materials are used for tooth restoration?

Children's teeth have a special feature. Whether baby teeth or permanent, they have weakly mineralized dentin and enamel. Special types of material are used for their treatment. Dental sealants strengthen the tooth tissues and prevent the re-development of caries.

In each specific case, the doctor chooses the optimal material for filling a tooth. For milk teeth, glass ionomer cement can be used. However, it is not as strong and durable as photopolymer composites. 

Dental composites can and should be used in the restoration of teeth, but only if the child allows the doctor to clean the aching tooth. Your role here, as a parent, is to get your child ready for a dental procedure. Such phrases as “there will be no pain” and “you don’t have to worry” have the opposite effect. The kid hears the words “pain” and “worry” and thoughts of pain and worry enter the brain.

The features of fillings for children

Dental treatment for young children differs from that of adults. For kids, a special filling material containing fluorine and calcium ions is used. Once inserted into the tooth and hardened, the filling releases minerals into the adjacent dentin, strengthening it and preventing caries from reoccurring. 

Pediatric dentists try to provide treatment for children using elements of games. Their aim is to leave positive memories after the visit. For this purpose, fillings of different colors can be installed. Glitter and other decorative elements may also be used. Before treatment, a small patient can independently choose the shade he likes. 

What is the process of installing a seal for a child?

Dental treatment for young children begins with freezing the gums with an anesthetic. Then, the dentist removes the carious tissue with a drill, forming a cavity for the future filling. After that, the enamel and dentin are treated with an antiseptic and dried with air. A filling material is inserted into the tooth, compacted, and illuminated with a dental lamp. The treatment ends with polishing of the filling.

Many children are afraid to treat their teeth. The task of a pediatric dentist is not only to fill a tooth professionally, but also to be on the same page with the kid. It is also important how parents set up the baby for treatment, encourage him and inspire without any sign of anxiety. 

How to prevent caries in a child

Prevention of caries may be achieved through proper nutrition and child’s oral hygiene. Food should contain enough vegetables and fruits. Apples and carrots are the best. They not only clean the teeth of food particles, but also strengthen the gums, preventing their inflammation. 

Don’t allow your child to eat sweets more than 2 times a day. After that ask him to rinse his mouth with water. Remember, that an excess of carbohydrates will lead to the development of tooth decay.

Teach your child to brush teeth properly and make sure he does that twice a day. You, as a parent, should participate in this procedure and monitor its implementation. Not all children are conscientious, many of them skip their evening or morning oral hygiene. 

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