What Should I Do If My Child Is Dealing Drugs?

The rise of drugs in everyday life has been significant in recent years. Studies in the UK have found that around 40% of children aged 15 have taken drugs, and across the world it’s a similar story. 

The USA is currently undergoing a crisis with prescription drugs, with a rising number of teenage overdoses, while the relaxation of cannabis laws across many states is making it more accessible than ever before.

For many moms, that’s incredibly worrying, and addiction help is needed more than ever to help get young lives back on track. Getting that help is crucial for young lives, but what do you do if you discover your child with drugs, and worse still, dealing them?

It’s among parents’ worst fears and if suspecting, they are always on the lookout for signs that their children are dealing. But what should you do if you suspect it?

Firstly, establish if it is true

Your first port of call should be to establish if this is true. There are a few signs that could point out that they are. If they’re all of a sudden able to purchase expensive clothes and gadgets that goes way beyond what they receive in allowances or from other part time jobs, then alarm bells will start ringing.

You may also find they’re using their cellphone much more frequently and hanging around with new sets of friends. There will be behavioural changes and they may even show a lack of interest in studies and hobbies which they hadn’t done previously.

Look for their stash

If things are starting to add up, then it could be time to go on the hunt for their stash, either of cash or of drugs. By finding this, it will give you the evidence you need to confront your child with little room for wriggle room. 

You may have to look in bedrooms as well as other parts of the house as it’s likely they will have hidden any stashes well - after all, the last thing they want is you to find them!

Confront your child

Now, here’s where you need to be careful. You’ll likely be angry, emotional, and maybe even a little confused when it comes to confronting your child, which will likely not help the situation. You need to be calm, collected and have a plan at this stage.

Therefore, first things first is to come up with such a plan. You need to be fully prepared, research consequences for dealing, help for addiction and many other avenues so you know the answers if your child comes back at you.

Once you’ve figured that out, it’s time to talk to your child. However, you should let them have their say too. They need to be allowed to explain themselves and you should be able to establish exactly what’s going on. They could be being bullied or pressured into dealing by the wrong crowd, which could even require police intervention.

From there it’s all about getting help and setting rules to ensure the path forward is clear and that they know what happens should they do it again. What’s more, you may need help yourself and there are always professionals out there willing to listen and offer advice to ensure you make the right calls when confronting your child about drugs.

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