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Intestinal infections are not the most pleasant subjects to talk about but if you or your child comes down with one, it is all you’ll think about. Did you know that pinworm is the most common worm infection in the United States and it mostly occurs in small school-age children followed by preschoolers? If you are a parent to a small child you’ll definitely want to arm yourself with this information should your child get pinworm.

Pinworm are roundworms that live in the large intestine of humans. They are white parasitic worms that cause constant itching on the anus and can also cause irritability and difficulty sleeping. In fact, it is at night when the female pinworm leaves the large intestine and lays eggs around the anus. Yes, we know this sounds less than pleasant, but pinworm is a common nuisance that affects children across the country.

Pinworm is mostly spread when a small child doesn’t properly wash his hands after using the bathroom. Eggs can then be spread to toys, food, pajamas, bedding, anything that he touches. The worst part of it all is that pinworm eggs can live up to two weeks at room temperature.

While small children get pinworm the most, other family members (yes, even parents) can also get a pinworm infection as well as teachers and daycare workers. Being vigilant about hand washing can reduce the risk of getting pinworm, but if you do get pinworm there is a simple solution to get rid of them.

Reese’s Pinworm Medicine is a doctor-recommended, number 1 trusted formula to treat pinworm. Safe and effective, Reese’s Pinworm Medicine is a full prescription strength medicine that can be used by the entire family (ages 2 and up). Reese’s has been making pinworm medicine since 1986 and is available in both 1 ounce or 2-ounce family size.

Additionally, Reese’s Pinworm Medicine costs less than $15, up to a 95% savings in comparison to Rx treatment options (Albenza and Emverm). The key ingredient in Reese’s Pinworm Medicine is pyrantel pamoate, the only anthelmintic drug that has been approved for OTC sales by the Food and Drug Administration. It remains the same strength it was when it came off prescription more than 30 years ago.

As aforementioned, the pesky female pinworm lays eggs around the anus causing mild to severe itching. Reese’s now offers brand-new Reese’s Pinworm Itch Relief Wipes. They are 1% pramoxine hydrochloride anti-itch medicated wipes that provide itch relief while pinworm medicine is taking effect. The wipes’ format keeps contact with highly contagious pinworms to a minimum. And most importantly, your child will sleep more soundly at night without all of the itching that pinworm causes.

After the Reese’s Pinworm Medicine has been administered encourage your children to thoroughly wash their hands and under their fingernails. Make sure they bathe daily and when washing clothes and bedding use hot water. Pinworm eggs can still live for a week after the medication has been taken, so taking precautions to not reinfect is important.

While getting pinworm can be a headache for everyone involved, there are easy solutions to get rid of the infection.

Visit Reese’s Pinworm at  

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