What to take on a trip with children, so that the suitcase is not overloaded?

To have a good rest during your family holidays, you are to get rid of extra load. It is about material or non-material issues, like business calls and overloaded baggage. It is possible! Since you’ve made up your mind to have a great time with your child, you are to take into account yours and your child’s needs and interests not to turn the trip into a nightmare with constant whining or attempts to find a compromise. This can be related to the schedule, entertainments, meals, and baggage. An elaborated plan is your saver.

To ascertain your family vacations are under control, you are to make a list of things needed for varied purposes. Making themed lists simplifies your preparations for departure (you will take only the things you need to use while traveling) and helps to ascertain you’ll manage to bring all your belongings back home. Trips with children can become unforgettable.

Inordinate concentration on a child’s needs can do dirt to you. But understanding that you have everything you may need for yourself in your bag has an impressive calming effect, especially on moms. This trick saves from disillusion - plan light baggage, and you will have it!

Clothing. Family holiday ideas may vary, but having taken into account your destination, travel time, occasions, weather conditions, take a number of outfits, plus one. Get acquainted with weather forecast to exclude extra items. Stick to your plan of rest to determine whether you need any clothes for swimming, tanning, morning run, active games, and cultural occasions. Think of accessories to shine bright and make good photos. The number of items for one type of leisure can be reduced if you choose to address to the laundry service at your hotel or friends, depending on where you plan to stay. Of course, in case of a hotel, it can be costly.

For instance, if you are going to spend all your family holidays on the beach or around the hotel, you will not need to take five more pairs of shoes. In such case, a pair of flip-flops is sufficient for a great pastime. But then you cannot afford to leave behind your sunglasses and sunscreen! On the other hand, if you plan to have a cultural evening, you must pack some appropriate outfit not to spend time on shopping (if it isn’t planned) which in most cases is somewhat problematic with kids. Speaking about your child’s clothing, it’s just the same. The set should include obligatory items, plus two or three more (depending on your child’s activeness and age).

Electronic gear. Though trips with children give a great opportunity to have a rest from all the things we use daily, most of us feel uncomfortable when trying to practice techno detox. Sometimes, it is due to circumstances. You may be waiting for a letter from online assignment help from Melbourne containing a final version of your paper to send it to your prof and continue enjoying family holidays. Then you must include your gadget on your list. If you do need to be in touch with home when being far from it, take your “favorite toy” with you. Take the things from the list you need most of all:

  • Your and your child’s main gadgets (phones, laptop, or tablet);
  • Gadgets for entertainment (mp3, iPod, photo/video camera);
  • Chargers for all of them, USB cords.

If your child has some favorite electronic game which is usually restricted in access when staying at home, having lifted those restrictions during the trip you can engage your kid when waiting for the train. It can be one of those needed things when you want to take a nap in the siesta.  

First aid kit. Make sure you’ve taken into account every peculiar characteristic of your “travel group”. Trips with children require special attention. You can’t compromise safety for less heavy luggage.  If you tend to have a headache after staying in the sun for long, you may need to take some pills against it; or if your child has a sensitive stomach, you may need medications against different disorders in this concern. Is your child allergic? You must always have some medicine to help the organism quickly cope with such reactions, especially when visiting some exotic territory for the first time. The approximate first-aid list can look like:

  • Antispasmodics (to help you cope with sudden pain);
  • Antihistamines (needed things to help reduce the risk to suffer from an unpredicted reaction to new flora or exotic food);
  • Antiseptics, like anti-septic Band-Aid and antiseptic agents (to ascertain that you will be able to cope with small slits of your active child);
  • Lotions for safe sunbathing;
  • Probiotics and adsorbents (to minimize the unpleasant effect of some exotic products);
  • The drugs you or your child take regularly.

When traveling with a child, especially with a baby, a first aid kit is a must. Well, suitcase packing is a craft! Just don’t take packs of medicine – it should be a compact set to bring anywhere in your handbag. Before you take all those medications to the airport, get a prescription for those of them which need it.

Personal hygiene items and products of care. When implementing any of family holiday ideas, think of everyday things you and your child need. Are you traveling by plane? Ascertain the volumes of those bottles do not exceed the approved maximum determined by regulations of your airlines. Here we include:

  • haircare items that you and your child use daily (shampoo, spray, gel, and brush);
  • facial care for every member of the family (creams, cleansers, tonics) to look and feel great without any unpleasant surprises like an allergic reaction to new products which you’ll need to buy on the spot in distant lands;
  • toothbrush and paste for adults and children;
  • cosmetics.

Entertainment. How would you like to diversify your pastime during family holidays when waiting for your transport to come, in train/ on board or before going to bed? Some of us take crosswords and music, others – a book. Just be realistic: there is no need for bringing tons of things – you will have fun throughout the day! The same with children: depending on the age, the favorite toys vary, but for a five-year-old child you need no more than several books and a couple of small toys (by the way,  your child can carry his things in a small backpack).

To ascertain your belongings will fit in the bag, have a rehearsal. Be ready to review and limit your baggage if you can’t put in all the things you want. Just remember, the quantity of skirts or shoes has very little influence on the quality of your family vacation!

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