What Women Who Want To Retire Early Should Know about Investing

What’s the ideal age for working women to retire from employment? Most people think that 60 is the cut-off number as this will give women enough time to do other things in life like put up a small business, create home projects or travel.

In a study conducted in Houston Texas and in different states in the US, senior demographics data results showed that most women retire at the age of 63, at an average. However another section waited until 72, and a few took their energy to the max at the age of 80. However, some prefer to take early retirement at the age of 40 or younger due to varied reasons like making a priority of family or personal health.

As the data suggest, retirement requires no specific age actually, but careful planning, discipline, and close attention to your current investments and savings. If you think you don’t feel like reporting to an office anymore and prefer to manage a business, you don’t have to push yourself too hard just to keep with the standards.

Do a self-assessment and gauge how things are going and how well they would go if you tweak your focus. But before you take further moves, here are some key points to ponder to help you decide on or otherwise on early retirement:

Is an Early Retirement for You?

  • What are your goals and needs? What do you want to do after leaving your job for good? Do you want to manage a business, buy and sell cars or put all your hard-earned money into life insurance?  
  • Are you planning to invest, and is it something that you have skills and knowledge of?  
  • How long can you keep a business thriving?
  • How much have you saved?

Once you’ve had time to consider all of these, it’s time to decide which investment you may engage in, but you don’t need to think further as real estate investing pops up to be the best option.

Houston real estate is booming right now, which can make buying homes there an investment for the future. Real estate property has long been and remains one of the best investments for people who want to retire early.

Here are a few of the many good reasons why real estate is the top option for an investment for early retiring women:

  • Real estate investment gives you great returns and allows you to leverage on it to gain or increase cash as needed.
  • As the market improves, the value of your property does the same, giving you the hedge against inflation. As inflation increase, your real estate property value and income also increase.
  • Real estate investing comes with a number of tax benefits like deductions on mortgage interest, cash flow from investment properties, insurance & others.
  • You have three ways to invest in real estate: buy, rehab and sell

If you are 40, 70, 65 or 35 years old, but sees a better opportunity besides employment, go ahead and make a difference through real estate investing.

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