What You Should Be Doing One Week before Moving day

A week to the day of the move a significant chunk of your items should be packed or at least readied for packing. Your store should be piled up with moving essentials like boxes, bags and suitcases. You should also have all the tools you’ll need and inform your friends, relatives and neighbors about the move just to mention a few. There are a number of things you need to take care of in preparation for the move. On this post, I will share with you a moving checklist of things you should do on your last week at your old home.

Notify your friends, relatives and neighbors of the move, ask them for help

Moving out could mean that you are going to cut off relationships you’ve spent years building and having to build new ones at your new home. It’s courteous to let your friends, relatives and neighbors know that you are moving. They will miss you, you will miss them. Saying goodbye may not be easy but they are important. Also, this is the time for your kids to say goodbye to their friends. If you can, make a farewell party and invite everyone. This is also a perfect opportunity to ask your family and friends to help you out with the packing.

Find a reliable mover

There are many movers out there who will readily help you with the move. However, the quality of service varies from one mover to another. Contact many movers and ask them about their services, request for a quote, go through customer reviews on their websites, find out how they prefer their payments processed, their packing strategies, insurance cover, arrival time, number of people they assign to a move and their terms for the move. Go for the company which will serve your needs best at affordable fee.

Prepare a packing list

If haven’t made a moving list by now, it’s not too late. Make a list of everything you’d want to pack and everything you’d want to do or sort out before you move out. Also, include items you need to collect from friends, colleagues, family and neighbors and items they owe you. Once you have everything on your list, make a finer list arranging everything in an order of priority.

Transfer your bank accounts and Change your address

If you are moving to a new state or a new country, you’ll probably want a new bank account and get a new address. If you are in a position to, take care of your banking a week to the move and close the accounts you won’t be using when you move. Notify your business associates, friends and family about the changes in your bank and address.

Pack a moving essentials bag

A moving essentials bag is usually a duffel bag with tools and items you will need for the move. These are often vital items which you can’t do without when you move like receipts, your documents, toiletries, mobile phone, medication, money and a first aid kit. Make a list of everything you will need for the first few days in the new home and add them to the duffel bag. If possible, everyone in your family should have an essentials bag. Mark the moving essentials bag and put it separate from other bag

Pay off any outstanding bills

Your bills are your responsibility and you need to take care of them before you move. Paying them off a week to the move is appropriate. Besides, you don’t want to have issues with the home owner or property manager over unpaid utility bills on the day of the move so why not settle them in time? Cut off all the services and supplies you don’t need. Alternatively, you can predetermine a cut-off date and pay ahead of time.

Prepare the garden items for the move

A week to the move is the ideal time to prepare the items in your garage for the move. These could be gardening tools, motorized equipment and bicycles. Most movers won’t transport anything that’s highly flammable so this is the time to drain the fuel and cover all the sharp blades to ready the tools for move.

Dissemble retractable furniture

Some furniture are can be disassembled while others are fixed. Disassembled furniture are easy to transport because they take less space. A full service moving company will help you disassemble and pack the beds, chairs and table as part of the agreement but most movers will only cater for the move and not the packing. If the mover won’t help with the packing, dissemble the furniture on the last week to the move.

Develop a simple meal plan

A simple meal plan will ensure that you only use a few cooking utensils which you can pack on the eve of the move. It will also ensure that you don’t have food to dispose when you move out. Buy only the food stuffs you’ll use until you move and pack all kitchen items you won’t be using once you adopt the simple meal plan.

Finish the Majority of the Packing

Packing can be frustrating when you are running on limited time. A week to the day of the move is the best time to do majority of your packing. Don’t leave too much of the packing for the eve of the move. In fact, you should have adequate rest and a deep sleep on the eve of the move in preparation for the actual move. Especially if you have to do all the packing alone; you’ll need to have everything boxed up by the time your movers arrive.

Skim through the compound and rooms, take note of everything you won’t be using in a week, note what you can donate. Check the closets, document lockers, drawers and cabinets for any valuable item you may have overlooked. Also, collect all belongings your neighbors or friends may have borrowed and forgot to return. At least ensure that all your non-essential belongings are already packed up a week prior to moving out.

Now that you have all valuable tips on what to do a week to the move, purpose to have a sound night’s sleep the night before the move in preparation for the long and involving day of the move. If you need more clarification, answers to queries, more information or any help with moving, feel free to contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

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