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What You Should Know About Lip Fillers

If you’ve spent a lot of time scrolling through Instagram and you’ve noticed how many celebrities have had their lips done, you may have decided that you also want to have fuller-looking lips. Before you head over to your favorite clinic for a lip flip, it is imperative for you to learn more about injectables. Here are some important things you should know: 

Type of Injectables

When it comes to fillers, most clinics use two different kinds. They may use a biostimulator, which acts to stimulate your body to produce collagen. Currently, there are three FDA-approved biostimulator fillers - Bellafill, Sculptra, and Radiesse. The other type of lip filler injectable is hyaluronic acid, which is a passive filler that your body will absorb over time. There is no active build-up of collagen. However, most practitioners would typically prefer using hyaluronic acid because it gives the lip a smooth look and will not feel irregular for the patients. Biostimulators can feel and look clumpy over time. Additionally, hyaluronic acid provides hydration, making the lip appear lifted and hydrated. Plus, it does not have any known adverse effects because the acid is naturally present in the body. 

Lip Fillers vs. Botox

While botox can also be injected around the lips as a preventive measure to mitigate aging, fillers are highly preferred when the goal is to add volume to the skin. Since botox will cut the nerve signals of the target muscle, it can limit the movement around the lip area and can give the “frozen” look. For those who want to have a more naturally appearing plump skin, fillers are the better option. 

Like botox, dermal fillers are also regulated. The FDA approved the use of derma fillers as medical device implants. Still, it is important to make sure that your clinic of choice has experienced and authorized providers to carry out such a procedure, as there are still some untrustworthy clinics that continue to operate. 

Duration of Effects

In general, the duration of the lifting effect depends on your age and the filler brand. However, it is most likely that your provider will require you to do top-ups for at least four to six months for maximal results. 

Contraindications for Use

Before you undergo a lip injection, know the contraindications. You have to make sure that you don’t have an active infection around your lip area where you will have the injection. You must not have any allergy to the anesthesia or the filler that’s being used. 


Your doctor should thoroughly explain what you should expect during the procedure, including the areas where the injection will be. Since they will only use local anesthesia, you would be awake the entire time. Before injecting the filler, your doctor will apply a numbing cream to reduce the pain. If your doctor is experienced enough, they will make sure that they will not hit any vessels to lessen the chance of bruising later on.

Your doctor should also explain what you can expect to feel and see after the procedure. This may include swelling, redness, and pain. Take note that these symptoms should resolve without intervention within 24 hours. If not, it is best to consult your doctor. 


After the procedure, you have to note that you have to practice aftercare to make sure that your lips will look incredible. This includes avoiding any strenuous activities within 24 hours. It will also help to drink lots of water and use an ice pack on the lips. Avoid heavy kissing and too much salt. 

Now that you are armed with the right information, you can be sure that you will have plump and healthy-looking lips in no time. 

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