When we were kids, my youngest aunt (Paternal) uses to live with us. She was unmarried. She always listened to songs. The whole day, the same song. I mean whichever song she liked, the whole day she will play it. Because of this, I had memorized some of her favourite songs. 

After a long time, I found someone posts one of her favourite songs on Facebook, I remember this song, still the whole lyrics.

O mor moynago, o mor moynago o o o (moyna-go) [Oh my love]

Kar karone tumi akela (ekela) [For whom are you alone?]

Kar bihone bihone diba nishi je utola [Whose absence making you frustrated day and night?]

Sheto ashibena sheto firibena firibena (ashbena or ashibena) [That person is not coming back to you, never ever]

Dur dur dur-pane anmone chahiya [Looking unconsciously to far away]

Ki birager raginii jao gahiya [Which sad song are you singing?]

Shobuje shobuje vora banani (bonani) (shobuj or shobuje) [See the green forests]

Furabe fagoon bujhi janoni [You didn't notice that the spring is going to end soon]

Hayre hayre bujhi ta janoni [Oh poor you, you didn't notice]

Moynago, o mor moynago�..

Jhor jhor jhor du noyone jhor jhor jhoraye (noyono or noyone) [By dropping water from your eyes]

Keno thako, bishade mon bhoraye [Why are you always in the sad mood?]

Ja kichu haraye gelo jaak an, [Whatever you lost, let it go]

Nil akashe melo pakhna [Spread your wings in the blue sky]

Dao re dao-re mele pakhna [Spread your wings]

Moyna go, o mor moyna go

Kar karone tumi akela

Kar bihone bihone diba-nishi je utol

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