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My son is telling me about his future career plans: He plans on being a space engineer or an inventor or design cities so people can be happier. I like that he thinks big.

Inevitably, he tells me that he will still live near me - if not the house next door or a few houses down, then definitely still in the neighborhood. I tell him that he can live wherever he wants.

He asks me about my first time living by myself. And I tell him about moving out of my Mom and StepDad's home shortly after college, and searching for an apartment and moving across the state to start my career. He asks me if I was scared, and I say that I was, but I also learned a lot about myself.

My son reminded me of how much growing up I still had to do after I left the nest. And that makes sense, since scientists say that our brains don't fully mature until we are closer to 30. While this doesn't mean that we should have all kept living with our parents until we were 30 and really an adult, it does partially explain that feeling I got when I turned 30 and felt better about my life and what I had learned.

None of this is to say anything bad about your 20s: It's nice to know that we are still learning and growing. I hope I remember this when my son moves out on his own: He'll still be learning how to be an adult and building on the foundation that I'm giving him now.

At what age did you feel like an adult? Tell me in the comments.

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