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When do you need to get Facial Rejuvenation?

When do you need to get Facial Rejuvenation?

Facial rejuvenation requires the use of different cosmetic procedures that are used to restore the facial features so that they can look youthful. Even if the facelift is the basic of any facial rejuvenation, there are other procedures like facial implants, brow lift and eyelid surgery that can help in correcting specific problematic areas. The non-surgical treatment includes fat injection, botulinum toxins and fillers that eradicate the folds and reduce the wrinkles. Laser skin resurfacing and other light modality may be used in order to improve the skin texture and to correct skin blemishes and age spots.

The right time to get a facial rejuvenation

  • When you would like to reverse aging signs and to restore your youthful appearance.  
  • When your neck and face sag and you have lost too much volume at the cheekbones and the contours of your jawline.
  • When you suffer from crows’ feet on the corner of the eyes, folds on the mouth and fine lines.
  • If you have drooping skin with wrinkling at the upper eyelids, lower and upper eyelid bags with dark circles under the eyes.

Benefits of facial rejuvenation

  • When a facelift is combined with shaping from the surgery, implants and fillers, you will get joint benefits of skin lifting and tightening together with volume enhancement.
  • If the laser resurfacing has been added into the mix, then you can benefit since you will get a smoother skin with the elimination of imperfections on your skin or superficial wrinkling.
  • The use of fillers and the botulinum toxins after the surgery will help in maintaining the results and it improves how deep lines look while it prevents the development of new ones.


  • When you get more procedures done, then you increase the chance of complications.
  • You will need to have to repeat dermal filler injections regularly to continue with the same treatment and retain your results.
  • Getting more procedures will also increase how much you pay in total and it takes longer to recover.

While choosing the procedures to be done, you should make sure that these procedures will help you look younger in a natural way.

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