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When Do You Stop Sterilizing Baby Bottles?

Babies are extremely vulnerable to bacteria that cause vomiting and diarrhea, and these usually develop in baby bottles utilized for milk. The easiest method to deal with this trouble is by sterilizing them. You can clean them by hand, but it’s not going to get rid of 100% of the bacteria since there are simply as well several nooks and crannies that you cannot attain this way. The article will provide you the complete information regarding when do you stop sterilizing baby bottles

 It is totally your personal option when do you stop sterilizing baby bottles. Though, according to my experience, preferably you must stop sterilizing baby bottles when your baby is 1 year old.

In general sterilizing bottles is not that helpful after a baby starts doing lots of exploring by mouth (approximately four months). If you don’t disinfect a bottle, you will require cleaning it cautiously and carefully. But there are a couple of caveats to this recommendation.

The American College of Family Physicians recommends sterilization of bottles and nipples just once prior to you utilize them for the first time. Providing your water supply is secure.
The American Academy of Pediatrics suggested sterilization merely if your water contribution is not chlorinated. A dishwasher is a safe substitute. And yet if someone wants to be very cautious, it is strange to go on with sterilization formerly the baby starts to place anything he can take in his mouth.

Why need to sterilize the bottles

When babies are born, their fresh digestive and immune systems are new to the millions of bacteria that approach into getting in touch with on an everyday basis. While some protection transfer from mother to baby during pregnancy and breastfeeding, their immature systems are still considerably more susceptible to disease from fresh and foreign germs they are not so far prepared to fight.

For this reason, experts recommend that parents sterilize their babies’ bottles for the first year of life. This will obliterate some microbes, bacteria, or viruses that possibly will be lurking in a bottle’s nooks and crannies, and safe your baby from getting sick Bottles and teats have nooks and crannies that milk can gather in. Sterilizing is the merely way to make sure your baby's bottles are free from injurious bacteria.

Suggestions on when do you stop sterilizing baby bottles by mothers and experts

 Here are some suggestions from mothers and experts on until what age do you need to sterilize bottles or when do you stop sterilizing baby bottles. You can stop sterilizing baby bottles when your child reached around the age of 9 months or around the age of 12 months or more than 12 months when he is not only dependent on bottle feeding but as well consume other small and soft meals.

You are thought to sterilize waiting they are 12 months old. Though above is correct, when they are moving on and picking things up off the floorboards etc, they are not clean. The motive to sterilize baby bottles awaiting the age of one is that milk is mainly prone to bacteria particularly when it's warmed up, and there might be traces of it in the bottle.  Many mothers discontinue sterilizing baby bottles at the age of 4 to 6 months, while others carry on to sterilizing baby bottles to protect the baby health from getting attacked by bacteria stuck in the bottle.

After the age of one, your little baby’s immune system should have developed providing a great amount of higher persistence to germs. Many mothers recommend sterilizing your baby’s nipples and dummies awaiting your little one discontinue using them.


Sterilization of baby bottle is important factors for baby’s health as it prevents the germs entering the child’s stomach, but as a mother, you must have enough knowledge about when do you stop sterilizing baby bottles especially when your baby is suffering from any disease or some medical issues. Checkout more in-depth post on thebabyside.

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