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When Poltergeists Get In The Way Of Blogging

Yes, I know, among forward thinking, modern bloggers and tweeters who write and share amazing, passionate posts about realities - life struggles, parenting, marriage, careers, physical wellness, entrepreneurial goals - publishing a post about having a ghost can be considered a bit odd, as in strap that crazy chic onto a gurney and roll her behind into a padded room kinda odd.


But, it's an experience, one that I want to share, now, while the only shadows to be found are caused by the bright sun shining through our windows.


I'm sitting at my desk, in my little home office, my safe harbor from the tots when they're sugared up and from the teens when they're arguing. Truth be told, during the day I don't usually get to enjoy the quietness, the calm of that little room, because I'm usually chasing after sugared up tots and telling grouchy teens to "let it go" or to "get over it", but it's nice to know that safe haven is there. Anyhow, I'm at my desk, a rare opportunity during the day, I've just answered some emails and forwarded some Viagra spam to my ex-husband, cause, well, ya know, and I stand and turn from the desk to walk out the room. There's a loud pop, I think a crash and a cracking sound - I'd have to say they happened simultaneously - and I turn back to the desk.

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