When Transferring Your Child to Another School is Already Necessary

To transfer or not to transfer?

Oftentimes, your kid will show signs of tardiness, desire to quit school or stress that can burn them out. But not all scenarios of wear down can be a reason to suddenly look for another school. Most of the time, these school-related stress factors are just building blocks to hone your child into a better and stronger individual in the near future.

However, there can be situations wherein transferring your kid to another school can be considered as an option. In this article, we will give you some common scenarios and help you decide better whether it is reasonable to transfer to another academic institution or not.

  1. Too many students in one class

Crowded classrooms are never conducive to learning. If there are 40-50 students inside a class, chances are only (more or less) half of that number can really cope up with the lessons. With only one teacher to educate them all, there is no assurance that your child will definitely absorb everything that he needs to learn. If this is your scenario and you can observe that your child needs better focus and attention that the school may not be able to accommodate, then it is most likely a better choice to transfer your kid to another school that can.

  1. School curriculum does not suit your child's educational needs

As our education system grow and expand through technology and cross-cultural developments, schools discover more ways to help children learn and hone their gifts and talents. With this, you can now find better ways as well to educate your kid in the best way possible for him to achieve full potential. You can check out the most suitable education curriculum for your child – the International Baccalaureate, the French Curriculum, the British Curriculum, the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), American Curriculum, and more. Research through the benefits of IB PYP, International Baccalaureate and all the other curriculums available to have an idea on where to transfer your child for schooling.

  1. Academic requirements are too stressful for your child

School can really be stressful as your kid grows. Of course, it will require more time, energy and brain cells as his grade level goes higher. Everything else becomes more challenging. However, it is all stress and no more play, then probably it’s time to look for an alternate school. Balance is an essential part of a child’s normal and healthy growth – take this away and it may affect him in the near future.

  1. Bullies cause trauma

Practice listening to you child. If he tells you there are kids bullying him at school, make sure to act on it and investigate. If it is necessary to transfer him to another school, then do so.

  1. Your child's (change of) disposition towards the school

As much as you can, make sure to get involved to your child’s daily life so you would know at once if he is showing any signs of behavioural changes. If this happens, find out at once what may have caused this change and quickly act on it. Find a new school for your child if the situation requires.

These are just some scenarios that may call for a school transfer. But you can also ask your child if he desires to transfer to another school to help you decide.

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