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Health Benefits Of CBD Oil For Dogs And Cats

Having furry companions is probably the best experience for people who love animals and constant companionship. Pet ownership involves a lot of sacrifices, responsibilities, and memorable moments. As you receive emotional fulfillment from your pets, you should return the favor by keeping them safe and healthy, as…


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When You're the Root of the Problem and How to Fix it

Do you seem to have the same reaction to problems that arise over and over again which only make matters worse? Does your temper and shortness with others get in the way of you Being the Best you? Are you repeating past mistakes and still have no idea why? Well here's the answer...the problem is You.

You know how the definition of crazy is doing the same things over and over expecting different results? Well if you keep having the same issues because you keep handling things in the same manner then hello you are stuck in "crazy" world. Are you thinking it's time you get out of there and try something new? This may help.

Start by honestly looking at yourself and asking the question, "Why do I keep repeating the same behavior?" Facing ourselves and admitting we are messed up is a tough pill to swallow at any age or stage in our lives. Who wants to admit they are screwed up and don't know how to make better choices. But positive mental health requires we do just that. It requires we face our truths head-on, then slowly begin to peel away the layers of negative conditioning to leave exposed our rawness and in this process bring us to healing and blossoming into our better selves.  

When the Root of the problem is you it can become very lonely both in your head and in your surroundings. No one wants to be around someone who keeps making the same mistakes and forcing their interactions to become annoying or perhaps even dangerous. Self-preservation is key to anyone who holds value in their safety and sanity. When you hold your own mental health and self-care as priceless, dealing with someone who is not ready or willing to put in the work themselves leaves you with a tough choice. 

Growth requires we stop talking and start doing. Mental health requires attention and actions. Solutions are a plenty but they must be sought out and put into effect.

When the Root of the problem is you only you have the power to change the outcome of your current life and Create your Best life. Yes it will be painful at first, coming to terms with your past can be a sobering journey but it is one much needed in order to move forward and one that will be filled with many rewards once you make the crossover.

When I reflect on my own journey and I see the rewards I reap today because I made a choice to let go of my old conditioning I feel so grateful for those weeks I invested in breaking my old self down. When I see my own daughter one habit at a time chipping her way to Creating her Best life I can't help but smile and be proud that she is willing to peel and get raw and eventually blossom.

One day at a Time but it starts with a choice. Are you ready to choose a better you? Are you ready to fix the Root of the problem?

If you find yourself in the middle of this journey or something similar, please feel free to share your experience with me. Would love to chat, share and learn.

Always stress-free xo,


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