Why a Dinner Show Is a Vacation Activity That’s Great for the Whole Family

You have a lot of choices when you’re planning a family vacation. You can choose between countless destinations, you can decide how you’re going to get there, where you’re going to stay, and there’s no shortage of things to do when you arrive.

However, that doesn’t mean all your choices are created equal. That’s especially the case if you’re traveling with kids. There are some options that just aren’t very good for little ones!

If you’re looking for something to do that the youngest members of the family will love, consider a dinner show. It’s a surprisingly great vacation activity for all ages! 

They Are Entertaining

What makes dinner shows such a good option for families is the fact that they are entertaining. You can find a variety of dinner shows that will appeal to your interests, and you can bet that they will feature acting, singing, acrobatics, magic, and more!

Look for a dinner show near where you’re staying that has great reviews. For example, if you’re staying in the Pigeon Forge Area of Tennessee, the Hatfield and McCoy Dinner show is a must. There's dancing, singing, dueling, and plenty of stunts that will keep even young children interested and entertained. Not to mention, the whole show will teach you a little bit about the longest-running feud in American history!

Not vacationing in Tennessee? No problem! Most major cities and popular vacation destinations have at least a few dinner shows to choose from. If you know you want your vacation to include a dinner show, plan a trip to Branson, Missouri, Las Vegas, Nevada, and of course, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Many Are Designed for Children of All Ages

Have a young family member and you’re worried about taking them to a seated dinner show? Chances are, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Young children do quite well at the theater, as long as you know what tips to follow. For example:

  • Book your seats on the end so you can escape easily, if needed.
  • Ask questions about the show before, during, and after.
  • Come prepared with tissues, sweatshirts, and other items to keep everyone comfortable.

However, every kid has their own limits. It’s important to know your own child and how well they will or won’t do and plan accordingly.

Everyone Gets to Eat

You’ve probably heard of mood swings, but have you heard of hunger swings? Even if you haven’t, if you have kids, you have definitely experienced them first-hand!

No matter what our age, hunger has a huge effect on our mood. If we’re feeling hungry, we’re likely to get angry and irritable. The best thing about a dinner show is the fact that no member of your family is going to get hungry in the middle of the performance and complain about leaving early!

You don’t have to worry about picky eaters either. Many shows offer a buffet, and most at least offer a few different menu options for all ages.

They Are Often Affordable

Traveling with a family can get expensive fast. There are a lot of ways you can make your vacation more affordable, but one of the best is looking for affordable activities. Buying multiple tickets can add up fast!

Dinner shows are surprisingly affordable. You can find some tickets for $20 and less! Not to mention, you’re paying for dinner and entertainment, which means you don’t have to shell out a bunch more money at a restaurant after the show is over.

Many Feature World-Class Entertainment

Broadway and Hollywood actors get their start in many different ways. Some are discovered on the street, while others get their start in commercials. Well, it turns out that plenty of actors and performers get their start at dinner shows too!

Although dinner shows may sound like they would feature B-rated entertainment, the truth is that many talented performers get their start at dinner shows. That means you get to see world-class entertainment, and you just may be able to say you discovered someone famous at that dinner show you attended when you were on vacation with your family!

Don’t think vacationing with the family means you can only find active things to do. It can mean catching a great show too, as long as you think carefully about the kind of show you attend. A dinner show is great for the whole family because everyone gets to eat and be entertained at the same time! 

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