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Why Is It Important to Get Enough Sleep? These 6 Reasons Will Tell You Why!


We all have heard our doctors talking about how much sleep is essential if we are interested in maintaining a healthy body and mind. You probably know that you should spend at least 8 to 9 hours a night sleeping, to get your body enough time to regenerate and fix all the damages that have been made throughout the previous day.

So, when you do not give your body and mind the required time to get their rest, you risk compromising both your physical and mental health. But we are not here to talk about the adverse effects of not getting enough sleep.

I am here to share six amazing benefits from getting enough sleep each night that hopefully will change your mind about spending a bit more time sleeping and away from anything that keeps you up late in the night.

6 benefits of getting enough sleep

  1. Better physical health

    As mentioned before, a good night sleep takes away all the stress and damage that has been done to your internal organs from the day before. But a good night sleep also keeps many health risks away from your life. Sleep loss (less than 7 hours a night) has been linked [1]to increased risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, heart attack, stroke, and hypertension.
  2. Better mental health

    Depression is one of the major enemies to our psychological health. Unfortunately, sleep loss and insomnia have been linked [2]to the increased risk and occurrence of depression. On the other hand, low may be the reason for your sleep loss and insomnia.

    So if you are feeling a bit down and experiencing loss of appetite, interest, and fatigue, along with your sleep loss, it might be for the best to contain your doctor just in case if it is depression that you are dealing with.
  3. Less pain

    If you are suffering from a chronic disease such as Arthritis, and then you are most probably dealing with chronic pain. Well, as it turns out, according to this study [3], a good night sleep can help you decrease your chronic pain and improve the quality of your life.

    When dealing with a chronic disease, the best thing is to find a natural pain relief method and what is more natural and beneficial than good night sleep.
  4. Maintain a control over your weight

    Perhaps not getting enough sleep can be the reason behind your unexplained weight gain lately. And it is understandable if you think about it. If you do not get enough sleep you feel tired and when you feel tired, what are the chances that you are still going for your run or at the gym?

    And not only that – the levels of the hormone leptin, which is known to send the signal to let your brain that you are feeling full during eating, decrease[5]due to sleep impairment and sleep loss. So that can be the reason why you eat more and yet do not feel complete.
  5. Better memory

    Do you seem to forget essential events lately? How many times have you said that you are going to do something, but you failed to remember it?
    Perhaps, your sleep loss is the reason [6]for your poor memory. So do something to improve it and get a good 8 hours of sleep at least for a few days, and you will feel as your memory gets better and better as each night passes.

  6. Lower your stress levels

    With our busy schedules and all the things that we need to do in one day, it is almost impossible not to feel stressed in the process. This stress can be the reason for your sleep loss, but it can also very quickly be the reason for your hypertension, erectile dysfunction, depression and anxiety.

Not giving your body enough time to get its rest plays a massive role in this. When your body does not have the time to get rid of the damages that the stress has done the previous day, you risk having to live with the same damages the following day as well.

Improve both your mental and physical health by getting rid of that stress that you have been feeling by getting enough time to lay down and relax as your body does your job for you. Just try not to overdo things by getting excessive sleep – that can have the same, contrary effects as sleep deprivation has on your body.


Sleep is the essence of good health, both physical and mental. So if you are interested in remaining healthy and happy, you better reconsider how much time you spend sleeping rather than sitting in front of your computer or TV.

I have shared 6 health benefits that will make you want to go to bed tonight more early than usual. Just imagine – you will decrease your risk of heart disease, stroke, hypertension, depression, anxiety, diabetes, obesity and much more with only a good night sleep.

Plus, you will decrease your stress levels and improve your sex life in no time! Do not hesitate to improve the quality of your life!


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