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Why is Preschool Education so Important for Your Child?

Why Choose Preschool Education?

As a parent to a 6-year-old, only too well how difficult balancing work and home life can be. Choosing a Preschool can be somewhat of a challenge but through my own experience, I believe my son has certainly benefited from this experience. I have chosen to send my son to preschool to begin his education as I believed the sooner he experienced this the more prepared he would be when he started school.

My son benefited in a number of ways from preschool. By learning basic social skills in a group setting and having the chance to have a structured day of singing, messy play and outdoor play. All these helped improve my son's self-help skills and responsibility. I believe it also played a massive part in building his confidence. With all this in mind “why do I feel preschool education is so important?” I thought I would share some reasons why.

Reasons For a Preschool Education

There are a few key reasons preschool can benefit your child. Even the most basic of things are new and daunting concepts to them, ranging from following a routine to social interaction. You can ease them into it as much as they need, but preschool really will allow them to tackle some of the challenges head-on. Here are a few of the main reasons.


Your child's brain develops extremely fast during the first few years of their life. They undergo some huge developmental leaps. Your child's rate of learning is rapid and they are aware of this. They will have a desire and need to gather and learn new information. The term ‘children’s minds are like a sponge’ may spring to mind and this is most certainly the case. They absorb everything. The rate and amount of information your child retains at this stage in their life is one of the reasons your child needs a good night’s rest to allow them to process the new information. This is why Interacting in a quality preschool like Wandsworth Preschool, which is content rich with appropriate information and materials, is so important.

Learning Stability and Routines

Stability and routine are crucial to your child’s development, having structure will help your child to thrive in a loving, structured environment. The environment should have stimulating colours, sounds, textures, classroom layout, varying activities and books. Your child will learn security and belonging. Finchley Preschool believes in the structure for your child, believing this helps to start building a solid framework for their future school career.

Setting Expectations

Try and remember that not all children by the age of 3 are going to learn to write letters well straight away. However, giving them access to all different kinds of writing utensils and paper will only encourage your child to begin to strengthen their motor skills. These first steps are essential to learning how to write.

I hope sharing my own experience with you has been helpful. I am extremely grateful to the Preschool teachers that taught my son, I believe they did an extraordinary amount of work and good for him. Because of this, he is now enjoying primary school, meeting new friends and learning new things every day.

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