Why it’s important to buy a vacuum for dog hair

Dogs are adorable. Dog hair, not so much.

A dog brings joy and unconditional love into the life of everyone who is fortunate to have it live with them. It comes in all shapes and sizes, long haired and short. While a long-haired dog can look magnificentwith a neatly-combed, high-shine coat, the coat has a fundamental problem- it sheds. Not just hair, dander, dustand fur can be a cause of allergies, putting kids and other family members at risk. Apart from allergens, there are also harmful particles and pathogens that can cause asthma and other breathing issues. If left neglected, these hairs can become part of the furniture, the carpets and the curtains, making the problem worse.

You might think simple mopping is enough, but not when it comes to dog hair. You’ll need something that will shake the hair from its non-pet foundations. You’ll need a vacuum. Vacuums come in all shapes and power options. What would be ideal for a household with an active dog? Here a few things to keep in mind while buying a vacuum for this purpose. Make no mistake- a simple housecleaning vacuum may not be up to the task you would need the best vacuum for dog hair.

  • Bristle Power

With especially stubborn hair, you need the swish-swish and scrub action of the bristlesin a vacuum. This will loosen even the most embedded hair from the surface. This is even truer when you have fabric covered sofas, long drapery and rugs. The bristles, agitated at a high speed by a tough motor will make this tough job easy and quick. Make sure they are strong(metal or plastic) and come with different speed options.

  • Pulling power

Pulling power or suction is the key element in a good vacuum cleaner. You can choose to get one with replaceable bags, but the in thing now is vacuums without bags. They are way more effective for your use because the lack of a bag makes the inbuilt fan work efficiently. The fan sucks up the debris from your home and the filter takes care of the too tiny particles. Once you’re done, empty the dirt in your wastebin.

  • Extras

Hair may not always be only on the floor. For the hard to reach places, you’ll need a long nozzle that comes with a rolling brush. Lift it up to the very top of your curtains and mantelpiece and clean away. This is also useful for the narrow space under or behind the couch. Make sure your vacuum is light and has a really long electric cord so you don’t have to unplug and plug it in different sockets.

  • Filters

This feature is crucial for a good vacuum action. The filter, normally made of paper or plastic, uses tiny holes on the surface to trap all the finer elements- hair, dust, fibers- and to prevent them from enteringor clogging up the vacuum. The main compartment of the vacuum is where all the large particles fall and stay there till they are collected. Some filters can also remove odors from the house.

Invest in a good vacuum today and enjoy the company of your dog in a healthy and stress-free environment. 

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