Why Parents Prefer an Independent Education for their Kids

Every family has a different reason to consider independent (private school) education for their kids. But all of them agree that such education has a positive impact on their kids. There are a few layers of bureaucracy, more accountability, emphasis on specialties and academics and more. That’s why parents pay extra attention when they look for independent education opportunities for their kids just like they shop for Frontier Phone and Internet plans. Such students are academically challenged and they are exposed to better values. They have a close relationship with their teachers as well.

Which Families Choose Independent Education?

Those families choose private education that is concerned about the development of their children. Families from different ethnic backgrounds and sizes choose private education. It’s not just wealthy families that choose independent education. Average households are also actively choosing independent education because they know its worth.

Benefits of Independent Education

The benefits of private education explain why parents prefer independent education for their kids:

Individual Attention

Some children need personal attention, especially in the preschool or primary school years. A child who needs extra care and attention are not fit for public school. Such a child needs to be in a class with limited students so that the teacher can offer undivided attention.

Private schools also follow a code of conduct which instills discipline in a child. If a student breaks the rules or misbehaves, he will have to face consequences and that also includes expulsion.

Parent Involvement

All private schools expect active parent involvement in the education of the child. It’s a 3-way partnership between the child, school, and parents. But the question is, what kind of involvement would it be? That depends on the parents. It’s recommended that parents observe and see where they can fit in. If the school asks you to chaperone a field trip, consider it an opportunity to involve yourself in the educational system.

Religious Teaching

Public schools don’t preach religion. Independent education systems, on the other hand, can help teach religion to kids. The religion they would teach depends on their mission and philosophy. It’s easy to find schools that teach religious practices to kids. Just go for a school that meets your needs and you will be good.

No Tests, No Pressure

There are no tests in the independent education system. Their focus is to help your child explore their creative side by thinking. They don’t feed them how to think. Things are different in public schools. Poor test scores mean negative publicity and less money for public schools. This also means the teacher would be reviewed unfavorably.

There are no pressures of accountability in private schools. They are simply required to meet the minimum graduation requirements. They are only accountable to their clients i.e. parents. If parents are not happy with the results of the school, they are free to switch to another one.

The classes in private schools are small. So there is no way your child can hide at the back of the class and get away with it. If the child isn’t able to understand a concept, their teacher will identify it quickly. They can address the learning issue on the spot.

Some schools use the teacher guided approach to make the students learn in an exciting way. The independent education system uses both traditional and progressive methods of education. It’s up to the parents to choose a school whose philosophy and approach meet their aims and objectives.

Dedicated Teachers

A study by the Fraser Institute says that 91% of the parents in the survey said that they choose an independent education for their kids because of the dedication of teachers. These instructors are not just qualified, but they are also passionate about their subject. Students get to develop a close relationship with their teachers who become their role models in most parts of their lives. Because of the small class size, the staff members are available to offer extra help to students who need a little more help.

A Safe Environment

An Independent education system teaches students discipline and respect. As the number of students is less, teachers get to develop a one-on-one relationship with their students. There is a strong sense of community in private schools as well. You won’t have to worry that your child will be bullied because he belongs to a different race or ethnic background. The school environment is safe which will leave a positive impact on the educational experience of your child. The school will teach them the discipline that will stay with them for the rest of their life.

Independent education systems teach much more than mandatory subjects to students. Leaders in history, business, politics, and society are born from such schools. Such education may not be as affordable as Frontier Internet prices (+1-844-813-5884), but it’s worth it.

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