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Why people prefer Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneer is a thin shell made of medical grade ceramic and it is attached at the front surface of the teeth to offer an immediate change to your smile. The veneers are crafted for every patient and cosmetic enhancement is made from advanced materials that resemble the appearance of natural dental enamel. The dentist may use veneers to correct different cosmetic problems and they range from teeth whitening to orthodontic adjustments. Since the veneers look lifelike, they can fulfill many functions and they have become the most trusted tool in cosmetic dentistry.

For over 30 years, the development in dental technology has made veneers to be   lifelike and they are convenient compared to what was available before. The latest porcelain veneers are made stronger and they reflect light the same as it happens with your natural dental enamel. With digital imaging system, dentists are now able to make same day restoration and they are the perfect match to the natural color and shape of the patients’ teeth. Besides, there are other advance dental treatments like dental crowns and teeth whitening which can be combined with veneers and they provide the patient with comprehensive cosmetic results and a stunning smile.

The right candidate to get porcelain veneers

The patient who should get porcelain veneers are those who have cosmetic and structural issues with their teeth like gaps between the teeth, cracks, chips, discoloration or minor misalignment.

How the procedure is performed

  • You should first have a good overall oral and periodontal health.
  • Be committed towards proper oral care and have good hygiene.
  • Have clear goals in mind so that you can articulate them to the dentist during the first consultation and have realistic expectations.
  • Have enough healthy enamel since the dentist will have to remove some enamel to place the veneers.

Why you may not be the right candidate to get Porcelain veneers

Since you will need to have healthy gums and teeth to get the veneers, the patients who have conditions like root canal infection, gum disease and tooth decay may not be the right candidates to get veneers.

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