Why Should We Rent an Unfurnished Apartment

When you're looking for a new rental place, there are plenty of opportunities you could consider. There are different sizes of apartments and there are different extras included. It's a whole new and exciting world filled with many possibilities. The main decision every future tenant has to consider is if he prefers a furnished or unfurnished apartment. Of course, the decision depends on many different conditions, like for instance if we have furniture of our own or if we can afford to buy some. There are many good and bad sides to renting an unfurnished apartment. Many people have different opinions on what's better for their rental place. But let's see the good sides and the main reasons why we should rent an unfurnished apartment first.

The price. The prices between the furnished and unfurnished apartments are quite different. The unfurnished apartment costs a lot less, because most of the risks for the landlord are connected with the furniture, not with the apartment itself. I'm not saying you'll pay almost nothing, but if you don't have that much money you should consider saving some by renting this kind of property. It may be difficult until you find a way to put some furniture there (unless you already have one of your own), but for the beginning a bed is absolutely enough.

Comfort and personal style. Most landlords don't think about any kind of style when they furnish their rental properties. They just put some furniture in, so they can get a higher price for the place. If you rent an unfurnished apartment, you can make everything around look the way you'd like it and you can change whatever you want without any remorse. Renting a place without furniture and furnishing it according to their own style helps many people feel more at home in the rental. Also, by renting this kind of properties, you will be able to see easier if there are any serious property issues, like mould or very dirty tiles. The only problem would be when you move, because you'll have to take all of your furniture with you, so if you've decided on an unfurnished place, you should consider if the lease will be for a short or a long term.

Damage. If you decide to rent out an unfurnished apartment, you won't have to worry about the damage you could do to the furniture, because it will be your own. The only damage you will worry about will be the one to the construction. Still, even if there isn't any furniture, you should make sure that the landlord has taken the proper care for the property's maintenance. If you notice the place is quite dirty, before you rent it, you should ask the landlord to get some one off cleaning experts from Melbourne to take care of it. After that you can sign the contract, if you want.

Pets. The main reasons landlords won't allow pets on their property is because they could damage the furniture with their teeth or claws. If the apartment is unfurnished there's no reason the landlord could think about to forbid you from having a pet there. The only reason could be his own personal objection or allergies.

When we're looking for a new rental place there are many different and interesting opportunities we could consider. There are different locations, standards, sizes and options. The main reason why we  should consider renting an unfurnished apartment is because this could give us the freedom to express ourselves and turn our rental place into a home.

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