Why Sustainable Fashion Is Now More Important Than Ever

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Fashion can be just about as fickle as most people’s finances these days. This is especially true now that COVID is now here in full effect. People are not only constantly changing their wardrobes and lifestyles, but they are constantly changing their finances, trying to get ahead. This wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t so harmful to the environment. Most people don’t consider it, but throwing out a single piece of clothing can huge negative impacts on the environment.

Heck, if you knew what went into making a single casual t-shirt, you might reconsider where and how you are shopping. Given the impact that your wardrobe can have on the environment and the current condition of the environment, reducing your fashion footprint is now more important than ever. How does your wardrobe impact the environment and what can you do to reduce your footprint?

Double The Production Means Double The Waste

It was a well-known fact that in 2014, and this was now nearly 6 years ago, clothing production has roughly doubled. This means that the population has not only increased, but more and more people are buying more clothes. Most people might think this would be a good thing, and it might be good for the economy, but it certainly isn’t good for the environment. Especially not when you consider what it takes to make a single piece of clothing. A single piece of clothing is passed between at least 4 or 5 factories, requiring a commute each trip. This also means that it passes between 4 or 5 sets of human hands. Despite all of this, what’s most troubling about the increase in production is the waste that is followed.

Not Being Kept

What’ so troubling about the above information is this little fact right here – In 2014 alone, people bought 60 percent more garments as compared to 2014. However, they only kept the cloth for half as long. Given all the changing trends today, this is something that makes sense, but it doesn’t make it any less harmful to the environment. Keeping your clothing for only half the time that you normally would only doubles pollution.

Couple this with all the non-sustainable baby products being throw away daily, and you can see how today’s dumps are easily being overrun with trash and pollution. One of the best ways to help in the baby industry is by purchasing baby products infused with sustainable materials. VEOCEL Lyocell fibers are gentle on skin which is perfect for baby wipes.

Buying Quality Over Quantity

Luckily, there are tons of things that you can do to help reduce your fashion footprint. And, this first starts with shopping for quality over quantity. Now, you might be one of those individuals that follow trends and changes, but this is going to be something that you’ll have to learn to change. Just because you don’t buy the latest fashions and trends doesn’t mean that you can’t be trendy. 

If you purchase high-quality clothing that will last longer than most traditional pieces, you’ll do the environment a lot of justice. If you shop for these clothing items in a classic style, you’ll be able to pair them with different pieces to match today’s most popular trends. This eliminates the need to buy more clothes as well as the throwing out of those clothes that the new ones replace. Be willing to pay a little extra for higher quality pieces that’ll go further.

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