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Why tutoring can be a great (and affordable) option for stay-at-home moms

While it can seem like your kids are running into a disparate gap while missing out on school during the pandemic, tutoring offers more than meets the eye for many families. Parents have the option of matching their kids with tutors who are graduating from high school or enrolled in college and offer their services at a discounted price. Many of these students are well qualified, professional and offer a wide array of classes from algebra or calculus that they have recently taken or computer programming and violin.

This can give your children an option to try out courses that they may end up loving and pursuing long term and talking with different tutors can give them meaningful insights into the different fields that they may be curious about or want to know more about. What a great deal for someone offering courses for $18 an hour! Other benefits include much needed time you can take to rest while your kids are busy learning through an interactive Zoom lesson. These 45-60 minute breaks can add up and be some much appreciated reprieve from your daily caregiving.

In what can be an otherwise blase and boring pandemic world for your children, tutoring from mentor-like instructors can be the touch of inspiration that can spark your kids' curiosity and instill a desire for learning in them. You may be surprised to find that you may want to carry out the benefits that one-on-one or group tutoring can have on inspiring and engaging your kids in a post-pandemic world and incorporate tutoring with your child's regular school curriculum.

EduKate is a tutoring service that matches students and moms with qualified tutors across a wide array of subjects at low prices. EduKate owns a distinctive process in hiring and working with tutors to make sure that they are well qualified and trained to continue providing quality tutoring services to students. Some of the characteristics they emphasize include multi-faceted teaching, empathy, grit and fluid communication between tutors and students and their moms.

We are currently offering free trial lessons for select classes. Please visit and check out the wide array of tutoring services they offer from computer programming to singing and French and calculus, as well as the tutors that offer these curriculum, their impressive experience and educational background and their teaching approach.

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