Why You Should Have a Destination Wedding

Nowadays, destination weddings are quite in the limelight and why shouldn’t they be? They offer a whole new experience to everyone including the bride, groom, relatives, family and friends. All in all, everyone attending the wedding has a gala time as it’s a new and unique experience. But the question here is if it’s worth it or not?

Talk to any couple and they would like to have a destination wedding, yet very few are actually able to pull it off. This is due to several reasons including budgetary issues as a destination weddings can be expensive. However, the amount you spend depends on several things, most importantly your destination.

Some destinations are more expensive than others. If you do proper research, you can easily pick a destination that is well within your budget as reports suggest that in some cases destination weddings can be cheaper than traditional weddings.

Still not sold on the idea? Check out below to know more about why you should have a destination wedding:

Less Stress

Traditional weddings can be stressful for everyone involved, especially the couple.

You need to take care of so many things from arranging the event to hiring a banquet to other such things. Plus, you have to take care of other things as well including food and music. This can be very dramatic and take away all the fun of the wedding.


But, how does a destination help solve his problem? You will of course need food and all even if you get abroad. While it is true, a destination wedding is still much more easier to manage.


You only have to decide where to go and where to stay, rest all is taken care of. Many resorts offer special packages for destination weddings that include stay and in some cases even a wedding planner to make sure your day goes well.


However, make sure to pick the right place to stay. Choose a hotel that can accommodate all your guests and also has the ability to manage a destination wedding. A resort can be your best bet as small hotels might not be able to pull it off.


No One Goes Home Right After The Wedding

Whether you choose a destination wedding to take place inside the city, outside the city or outside the country, the fun remains the same. Everyone gets to travel together and there’s a lot in store for one and all.


In normal weddings, the guests return after the wedding and the fun is over. But in case of the destination wedding, the wedding is just the beginning as you can have fun post the event.

Of course, the bride and the groom can have their private time together, but if you like to spend some more time with family and friends, you can do so and that is the beauty of destination weddings.

It is a good time for all family members and friends to sit together and chill. The couple can even elope on their honeymoon from there while everyone else has fun.

Activities can include different games, bonfires, and fun sessions.

Save Money

It’s not easy to get married on a low budget. The guest list is long, the food is expensive and then there’s the cost of throwing a reception as well. However, opting for a destination wedding can help save a lot of money as most of the wedding services are inclusive in the package. Above all, the guest list is short and this makes it affordable.

Automatically Incorporates A Honeymoon

Honeymoon planning is a difficult process, but when you go for a destination wedding, you do not have to worry about it because the wedding is your honeymoon.

You can stay behind as everyone else leaves and explore the country.

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