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Wild Child: 4 Concrete Home Childproofing Techniques to Ensure Your Child’s Wellness

Having a child in your home is a great blessing you have to treasure for your entire lifetime. For parents, they should be your primary reason why you have to work hard every day to provide their needs.  On the other hand, it’s also true that kids are clumsy and while growing up they tend to eat what the see and hold.

As such, some studies have proven that children, especially toddlers aging from 1 to 4, are prone to accidents and injuries in their homes. While a lot of people worry about the crimes that are happening outside, it’s also critical that you don’t neglect your children’s security and welfare inside your home.

Hence, childproofing your home before your baby crawl and walks helps you to prepare to some unforeseen circumstances that your child may face as he grows up.  In this article, we’d like to give out some help items to all parents especially the moms on how to childproof your concrete homes so you’ll not worry about your child’s safety.

Childproofing your Concrete Living Room

The living room is a part in your house that you and your child normally does the recreation all the time. While you are in the process of childproofing and improving your living room, it’s a great mindset that you have to position yourself as a child and think what are the places and things that best interests them as they crawl and walk.

Aside from that, if your living room consists of lower cabinets it should be childproof. Higher cabinets don’t need any child proof since they’re not going to reach it anyway.  Make sure that detergents, glasses, and plates should be secured in a safer place.

Childproofing your Concrete Kitchen

The kitchen demands the most dangerous room for every child. It is where you found the sharp things in your house especially the knives. Moreover, gas range and microwave oven are also situated here; thus, hazards are all over the place.

The very first thing you should do is to keep things out of reach. You have to segregate everything from detergents to pesticides. These harmful substances should be set aside and secured in safe storage where children cannot reach it.

Furthermore, you can invest in installing safety gates that prevent the children to crawl and access directly to the kitchen. In this way, you feel a sense of security that your child won’t go anywhere in your kitchen. Lastly, if you are buying kitchen products that are harmful to children, make sure that these products have child-resistant caps so they won’t easily open it in case of accidental reach.

Childproofing your Concrete Bathroom

Once you have successfully secured all the horrible and sharp objects in your kitchen, the next dangerous place you have to secure in your home would be your bathroom. This is a slippery place where balancing entails a little bit harder for them compared to adults.

The same as kitchen cabinets, your bathroom storages must be kept locked. All your deodorants, shampoos, and body washes should be secured high and locked into the cabinets. Also, invest in putting thick mats to your concrete bathroom floors and bathtubs so to prevent the child from slipping and falling.

Lastly, you have to make sure that you never left the bathtub filled with water. Toddlers may drown even in an inch of water and that’s scary. Remove all electric appliances when not in use as water is a good conductor of electricity and you don’t want your child to suffer an electrocution accident.

Childproof the Whole House

It is not only the kitchen, living, and bathroom that needs a proper childproof.  If your concern is your child’s overall safety and wellness, you have to childproof your entire house. You may have to think about installing bumpers to all door handles and especially those sharp edges so that once they run into these places they’ll not get injured.

At the same time, you have to store your medicines up high. Storage rooms, bathrooms, and even study room should be kept locked all the time. Lastly, put some electric guards so that children will not play on your wires.


Generally, providing freedom to your child of exploring everything that he sees and feels gives him an incredible childhood experience. On the other hand, as your child is on the process of exploring what’s around him, it is also crucial that you adapt childproofing so as not to worry your child’s safety.

Therefore, a childproof home creates a safer environment for every child. So, if you’d like to learn more about childproofing techniques concrete professionals like concrete contractors of killeen may help you in reducing or eliminating possible injuries that your child may experience during his childhood.

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