Imagine driving along a winding country road with lots of woods and rolling hills on either side. You come up over the crest of a hill and there, peeking up between two clumps of trees is this huge windmill. No,enormous windmill. At first it seems almost like one of the aliens in War of the Worlds. It sort of looms ominously there, almost as if it's alive, stalking it's prey. Then it soaks in that it truly is a windmill as with every foot you drive you see more and more windmills growing up out of the ground, appearing one after the other... groups off in the middle of a field there...'s almost overwhelming at times.

This is what we experienced on our way to a friend's pig roast in northern upstate NY. If you've never seen a windmill up close, believe me they are much larger than they appear! Now, I know wind-produced energy is a hot debate topic right now, and I'm not getting into that at all. I'm just sharing what we saw and my kiddos responses, as well as some of the photos I was able to capture from a moving car!

After we pointed out the first windmill we saw, it was exciting to hear Sweet Pea and Cutie Pie calling out "There" and pointing from the backseat of the car every few seconds. We were all looking up at the windmills, which were turning rather quickly for how big they are, some very picturesquely over a red cow barn or a field of corn. As we looked at the base of the windmills there were 'man doors' (doors the size of one found on a house - not like a barn door) and then you realized just how huge the bases of the windmills are. Truly an amazing and beautiful sight to our eyes!

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