Yes, we know. It is barely summer, but we can’t stop thinking about gearing up for winter sports. When the winter weather rolls around not only does it mean fun in the snow and crispy weather, it also means the holidays are nearing. It’s just an amazing time all around and one of our favorite times of the year. Even though most people tend to get out and about during the warmer months there is no reason why you have to stay cooped up in a warm home with a great self-regulating heatline when it gets colder. In fact, there are a ton of year-round sports you can enjoy. 

Snow Tubing: So many people love tubing in the water during the summer, snow tubing is also fun on the snow. Most places are opening up later and later during the year because of the lack of snow these days, but when there is a big snowfall, it is time to buy tickets to go downhill. 

Before you look at tickets for snow tubing make sure the park resorts have safety barriers in place and that the lanes are always unobstructed. Also, ensure that your kids wear helmets to be as safe as possible. 

Mountain Hiking: While you can go hiking anytime of the year it is so much fun to go hiking in the snow. Most times in the winter you can do the most snow hiking in the mountains. Not only is it intensely fun, but the gear you can buy is awesome. From snow shoes and boots, snow jackets and even snow pants the shopping is really incredible notably because of all of the technology that is built into insulation. These days you can buy a thin coat that allows a lot more movement as opposed to a large bulky one. Snow boots are dual waterproof, breathable, and warm. The primary thing you have to keep in mind is the duration and difficulty of your hike. You need to take adequate supplies including water, food, and emergency equipment. Planning is key to having fun on a winter hike.  

Winter Cycling: You might not know that there are a ton of people who cycle during the winter. They might want to cycle to work or simply cycle for fun and exercise. As with winter hiking, the type of clothing you wear when you cycle during the winter months depends on how long you can actually bike. You will need to buy gear like gloves, winter cycling boots, outerwear, head coverage, as well as a bike that can handle snow and ice. Single-speed bicycles are best during the winter months. Learn more about how you can begin cycling during the winter. 

Most people and their families love to hibernate during the winter months, or get their exercise at the gym, but getting outside can help you stay refreshed, healthy, and is an amazing mood enhancer. Trying new-to-you winter sports like winter cycling can make a huge difference in your life and that of your kids. It will create new memories and open up new opportunities to try even more winter activities. 

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