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 Woman, you are the culprit.

I have seen this always, everywhere. When any negative incident happens, no matter what, if that is linked or just slightly linked to any woman. Then everyone will think, including all women, that the negative incident happened because of that woman.

For example, car accidents, airplane crashes, broken relationships, husband-wife trouble, rape, shoplifting, out of control kids. Anything, you name it, all because of women.

Just check, when you or anyone give any information about an incident, how the people around you or your friends or relatives react. You will see, whenever they get to know, a woman was there when that incident happened, they will think, because of her all of this happened. Directly or indirectly.

When men talk like this, I can understand. They are not ready to accept any faults. But I am really surprised when women think like that. They love and respect men so much, that even they are ready to take all the blame. Sometimes parents do this when their girl and boy fight or do any mistake. "Boys will be boys", this term has been created to ignore all wrong things that boys do. It's like, Girls, it's your mistake that boys did such a thing. Or from childhood, their mind has been created in this way that in Bangla they say, "Purush manush, or ki dosh? Oto emon ektu korbei. Shob dosh to oi meyer".

As long as we never get the real person, who is the real culprit, you can't think that crime will stop. Every time when anyone can get away, especially men. They will keep doing and thinking like that.

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