Women Reign Supreme When It Comes To Social Media

I have run across several articles lately based on this recent research study by  The Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute. Their study showed that women business owners value social media three times more than their male counterparts. I thought this was very interesting and it made me think that women, in general, like to socialize more than men from my experience and so maybe this also applies to socializing online. What ever the reason for this result in
the study, I believe it gives women a huge advantage.

In one of the business forums I am involved in a man mentioned the other day that he finds himself socializing online with so many more women than men and it seemed to him that men just were not seeing the value in the connections that can be made online. He seems to be noticing this trend mentioned in the study as well. I did not really think about it until he mentioned it because most of the forums and sites I am involved in are specifically for women. Of course there are many well known men online who are very involved in social media and obviously recognize the value of it but it seems judging from this study that as far as business owners go women are a step ahead in at least acknowledging the importance of using social media to promote their business.

I believe social media is the way of the future for any business so if you are a small business owner and are not involved in social media yet, you need to be.  The use of social media really does pay off and for a small business on a small budget, you can see bigger results with less out of pocket costs by using it over many other other marketing outlets.

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