Working out the weight Wednesday

Ok, so its come to my attention lately that apparently, I am not the
only Mommy in the world (or even my circle) who is trying to figure out
a way to raise a family, keep them healthy and happy, and ,while doing
so, keep herself in shape. So, I am proposing that Wednesday, the until
now dreaded "HUMP DAY" now become something positive for us Mommies.
Let's make Wednesday the day we come here and share weight loss tips,
healthy recipes that taste good ( not ones that taste like cardboard,
they help NO ONE!), workout routines that we like and enjoy,etc. I
think it could be very positive and who can't use some extra advice in
this area? I mean, usually, we don't just ask our friends " Hey, you
are in great shape. What do you do?" We'd like to, but we don't. It's a
little awkward and kinda like asking your fertile friends what kind of
sexual position worked best for them when trying to conceive. Sure, it
could be beneficial to get some new moves in our arsenal and speed up
the process but its a touchy subject and not everyone likes to share,
plus how do you ask without sounding like a whack job?Same goes for
weight loss. But if we had a place to exchange ideas, or just pick some
up, I think it would be helpful. It certainly would for me:) I am
currently doing a combination of Weight Watchers and Turbo Jam.Both I
love. I started on September 25th of '09, and have thus far lost a
grand total of 25 lbs.It's good but it could be better. I think I need
to change up my food variety.Anybody got any great ideas for
yummy,healthy recipes? Or what about tricks to get your kids to eat
healthy foods? I have exhausted the Deceptively Delicious cookbook and
need some fresh ideas. If my husband catches me sneaking cauliflower
and sweet potato into his lasagna once more, it may be the end of
me:)Any and all ideas welcome!

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