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Workplace Safety Matters – Here Are Some Tips to Enforce It

We all know that, theoretically, workplace safety is a key to productivity. But why? Well, investing in similar programs will save business owners and managers from a lot of legal problems and headaches. Knowing that your employees are all safe during the working hours should be one of the most important aspects in workplaces all over the world. Especially in manufacturing industries, workplace accidents happen at an alarming rate. According to the Bureau of Labour, in 2017, there were approximately 2.8 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported by employers in the private industries. Although the reported cases are fewer than in the previous years, these numbers are still high. Most of these injuries could have been prevented if proper workplace safety programs were implemented in industrial facilities.

With all this information in mind, below are several other reasons why employers should consider investing in similar training programs and courses.


Teach employees to be aware of their surroundings

Some employees seem to be completely unaware of their surroundings in the workplace. They are too concentrated on getting the job done and making the most of their time. In most of the cases, this comes with the downside of completely ignoring all the hazards surrounding them.

However, manufacturing facilities in different industries have variable needs and specific hazards. While managers may be aware of these, they might have difficulties in communicating them appropriately. Besides, managers might not be always present to alert their employees about potential workplace hazards surrounding them.

In such cases, training programs tailored specifically for the industry your business is, are the best solution. These experts are able to deliver pertinent safety tips for work environments, depending on their own specifics and needs. Also, these courses offer a lot of first aid tips and tricks to teach your employees to care for others in need, until professional assistance arrives at the scene of the accident.

Once your employees will learn how to identify potential dangers in their surroundings, they are less likely to fall victims of workplace accidents.

Learn how to use tools appropriately

Especially new employees have to be properly trained in operating the tools and machinery they use. Employees should be taught to use all new tools with care and precautions, and avoid taking dangerous shortcuts when performing repeating tasks.

Taking unnecessary shortcuts is one of the main reasons for fatal workplace injuries. Specialists recommend using all the tools in the workplace appropriately and cautiously.

Innovative techniques to reduce workplace stress

In fields where physical accidents are unlikely to appear (on office jobs), employers have to think about training their employees in stress management techniques. In most cases, long working hours and imbalanced work-personal life schedule are at the root of mental health issues resulting from stress.

Depression and anxiety are two of the most common mental health issues in office workers. Professionals who specialise in safety training programs can also offer a series of stress management tips and tricks to help managers ensure all their teams are mentally fit to come and perform the tasks in their job descriptions. Although many managers overlook the importance of proper mental health programs, these can save them a lot of time and money, and boost team productivity.

Plan and develop emergency exits

All manufacturing plants and warehouses have to have a serious exit plan. This will help you create a safer work environment and avoid tragedies in emergency cases. For instance, having a fit number of emergency exits will help you prevent tragedies in the prospect of a fire.

Offering your employees quick access to suitable exits that can cater to the number of employees in your facility can make the difference between life and death.

How to use mechanical assistance and mechanical equipment

All your employees should be aware of the dangers of not using suitable equipment when necessary, for instance, when lifting heavy loads, they should be assisted by proper solutions that help them avoid putting a lot of stress on their backs. Not using proper equipment might result in a series of injuries and illnesses, so employers should look forward to investing in such mechanical solutions.

Identifying the right safety equipment

All manufacturing plants should offer easy access to safety equipment, to all the employees working there. The necessary equipment depends on the industry and job specifics, but overlooking such matters usually results in workplace injuries and illnesses. Anything from earplugs, gloves, full-face masks, hard hats, safety boots should be provided by the employer.

Employees have to be trained in properly using the equipment to prevent falling victims of unfortunate events.

Teach your employees about correct posture

Although many safety concerns are identified in working conditions, proper posture also helps your employees remain healthy in the workplace. Although safety training programs are targeted at teaching employees how to remain safe and how to perform first aid, they can also teach your employees more about proper posture in the workplace. Sitting jobs put a strain on your employees’ backs and joints. Teaching them how to perform repetitive motions can also help them prevent injuries and accidents.

What can business owners do to help their employees from in this regard, apart from investing in training courses and programs, is investing in appropriate furniture. This will make a tremendous difference and will help you lower health expenses, in the long run.

Invest in Safety Consultation Services

Safety experts can help managers identify the dangers of their facilities. Because in safety there is no “one size fits all” rule, having a team of experts evaluate your offices, manufacturing plants, and lines is a necessary intervention. Depending on your business’ specifics, these experts will be able to make recommendations and offer pertinent tips and tricks to help your employees stay safe and healthy.

These are some of the best ways to ensure your employees don’t expose themselves to unnecessary dangers within the working hours. You don’t want to be that business that contributes to yearly OSHA workplace injury statistics, so prevention is always better.

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