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Well as you all know by now, I have stopped breast feeding and am now
waiting (not so patiently) for my milk to dry up.

Now while I have been "weaning" I did a little research as to what would help it go
quicker, and all the baby and breast feeding website suggests crushed,
cooled cabbage leaves stuffed into your bra,so I try it, walking around
smelling really gross as the cabbage warms and lets off it's wonderful
smelly vapours, it seems to soothe the engorgement I admit, but about
three or so days of cabbage bra I am feeling very tired and drained(not
the kind of drained I was hoping for) also my breast were getting all
splotchy and red as if a rash were developing, so I hope onto Google and
state my issue, you would never believe it but it states that if you
are allergic to sulphurs you should NOT do the cabbage thing...

Wow why did no one tell me this? all this tiredness and slight bouts of
nausea were because my system was slowly being poisoned and I didn't
even know, thing is you actually have do a search for sulphur allergy
and cabbage otherwise you wont find the information very easily...

Just as some are told to drink coca cola and coffee to help increase
breastmilk when in actual fact it is really decreasing it, gee talk
about misinformation in the information age....

Well needless to say I have stopped with the cabbage and have tried Sudafed
decongestants, and although it may take a wee bit longer for the milk to
go it certainly isn't making me tired or nauseous and on top of it all
its helping my morning blocked nose issues too talk about win win...

A few web pages that help:

Cabbage and sulphur allergy:

Coca cola and breast milk

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