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Yard Sale Season is coming! Shop Safely!

As an Eco-Friendly mama I am always hitting up yard sales or Freecyle for things I need, especially for kid stuff. There is no point buying new sometimes, when they grow sooooo fast and change their mind on toys all
the time! However there are a few things you should not buy at Yard
sales, consignment shops, or get second hand. Here is a small list of a
few things that should not be bought or just bought with caution.

  • Car seats-This one is the most important. Not only to car seats expire but you have no idea if it has been in a crash or cared for properly. The straps for
    instance should never be placed in the washer machine because it could
    compromise the integrity of the material. How do you know that they
    followed that rule? Always buy new. If you are low on cash, contact
    your local safety coalition and ask about reduced car seats. Our city
    sells them for $25 for families who need them. No income requirement.

  • Cribs- Avoid buying unless the crib is VERY new, and you have looked it up to be sure it has not been recalled. Old vintage looking cribs may not be
    up to code on proper slat spacing or may contain lead paint etc. This
    year there has been tons of cribs recalled. If you are looking to buy
    second hand, do your research first.

  • Old Toys- With over 10,000 recalls done on toys over the last few years, I am ever so cautious about buying used toys. When purchasing toys, be sure
    that you look the toy up before giving them to your children. Do not
    buy wooden toys that have paint chipped off, or are from an unknown

  • Safety Devices- Items found at yard sales may be outdated and not up to current standards and regulations. Items like bike helmets or life jackets
    should only be purchased new. When it comes to safety, it is best to go
    the "safe" route.

  • Baby Bottles- Just last year, bottle companies finally decided to make their bottles BPA free. Used bottles may be from before the switch and may be
    scratched etc which can cause chemical leaching. Unless the bottles are
    BPA free and have no visible scratches etc, I would stay away from used
Like I said I am a HUGE garage sale shopper, but safety first! A few other random things to avoid is outdated toys boxes
with heavy closing lids, drawstring clothing, old strollers-highchairs,
childrens play jewelry(covered in lead), playpens, old hair dryers, car
jacks, bean bag chairs, or old baby gates. Proceed with caution for all
baby equipment. Good thing most phones have internet, you can look it
up right there! I am not trying to discourage you, go shop but just
shop safely.

For a complete list of recalls on products, check out:

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