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Ya’ll, the shyt has hit the fan, and Donald Trump is probably wetting his diaper right about now. While at work, trying to complete a report due tomorrow, I glanced at my Twitter feed to find that Sally Yates and James Tapper were testifying before a special committee about former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn. The majority of the hearing focused on the two former employees and their knowledge regarding orange twatty and his administration sleeping with the Russian Enemy, Vladimir Putin and associates.

Exactly how did Trumpy react  to the testimony? Well, in his usual fashion, he took to Twitter to intimidate Ms. Yates prior to her testimony. He is such a classless piece of cow shyt and he has no morals or class about him. He is a disgusting ol billionaire who only wants to play like he cares about the American people so he can be powerful and have orgies on Air Force One, while Melania parleys in her Golden abode in New York City. Hope the secret service agents were trained to clean foreign sex stains out of the plane’s interior because ” people are saying” that Trump likes getting pissed on by male Russian hookers. But that’s what I heard through sources I’ve made up in my head; exactly like Trump does when he wants to Tweet about absolute nonsense.

I got a little off topic. I was trying to focus on the hearing in which Yates and Tapper testified that Donald Trump is a first class idiot who just basically wants to play golf and allow Russia to invade the United States so he won’t have to govern.

Putting all joking aside, I am very disappointed in the gullible nit wits that elected this orange cow penis to the highest position in the land.  All Americans are not idiots who fall for the utter bullshyt being spewed from the mouths of politicians. We are realistic, we know that politicians say what they need to in order to get elected, and the dirty shyt they do to stay elected. However, with the appointment of this disgusting, small brained, Bozo the clown azz wipe, my confidence has wavered in the American people. Exactly what has Twatty Trump ever done to make you feel like he will put his best foot forward for working Americans? The man is trying to pass a Health Care Law that nobody wants; that would significantly affect working individuals who pay their taxes.

 I’ve seen the town halls filled with people complaining about their Republican representatives. Let me say this, don’t complain about decisions Republicans make, when your azz keep voting for these damn morons. Vote for someone who is dedicated to their constituents, not just their party. It seems nowadays that Republicans are all about saving and making money for the richest of Americans, but cutting access to healthcare. So while you keep voting against your interests, I don’t want to hear the complaints because these bastards already told y’all azzes what they were planning to do. They want to repeal and replace Obamacare with something that will be a huge tax break for millionaires, and hopefully the poor people can put up their homes for sale to get medical care.

So, back on topic, what have the testimonials of Tapper and Yates told us normal Americans who don’t vote against our interests? It basically shows that the Trump administration worked with a foreign power to get elected. It also lets us know that Donald Trump is a first class idiot who ignored the warnings of President Obama, and Yates who basically begged this idiot to cast out Flynn as he was a liability to the security of the United States.

I couldn’t control my laughter as Donald Trump had a twitter melt down before Yates testified. For some reason, I feel joy when he feels threatened. I truly hate our president. I hope he gets a severe strain of herpes and is unable to stop scratching his small genitals while doing press conferences. The end!

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