Before I had my son, my wonderful Mom once told me that parents never stop worrying about their children. I absolutely believed her. What I didn't realize was that the worrying happened on a daily basis.

When my son was a baby I worried that I didn't always know the "right" thing to do for him, or what his exact cry meant. Now that he is older I worry about him fitting in at school or if his behaviors are normal or if he is happy. As he continues to grow, I am sure I'll find new things to worry about.

And while my moments of worry are mostly short-lived - fleeting moments as I go through my day or the occasional hour or two up at night - it is nice to know that I am not alone. All parents worry. And it turns out that we worry about the same things.

Maybe we parents need to share our worries more often. It's hard to be the first parent in your circle to share your concerns (and it is not nearly as much fun as sharing the latest great accomplishment), but maybe, just maybe, it would help alleviate some of our collective worries.

And then we could all sleep a little better at night.

What do you wish you wouldn't worry about so much? Tell me in the comments.

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