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Yoga For Pregnant Women – Beneficial Effect On Fetus

Yoga for pregnant women helps to perfectly prepare for childbirth and keep the body and mind in good health. Many women desire to practice yoga during childbearing, since this direction allows to prepare for childbirth.

Types of yoga:

  1. Sivananda yoga - combines static and dynamic postures,
  2. Iyengar Yoga - the practice of static asana,
  3. Hatha yoga - the emphasis on the work with the body,
  4. Kriya Yoga - the emphasis on cleansing of the body,
  5. Kundalini yoga - the practice of awakening of Kundalini internal energy,
  6. Ashtanga Yoga - a very dynamic style that is associated with an active breathing.

Many doctors believe that future mothers, who practice yoga, have good physical health and optimism. Their bodies are flexible and prepared to ensure so they could take any comfortable position during childbirth. With the help of yoga exercises (asana), you can get rid of various types of pain associated with pregnancy and reduce pain caused by direct childbirth.

Yoga is not just a set of stretching exercises, but also technique to clean the body, relax and breathe properly.

Yoga teaches us to find comfort in any unusual or uncomfortable situation both physical and psychological.

Yoga exercises strengthen the entire body, including spine and joints, which bear an increased load during pregnancy. Static postures improve blood circulation in the pelvis, spine, and strengthen the muscles directly involved in the birth act. All asana should be performed slowly and smoothly, without any attempts to aerobics.

Stretching exercises make tissue more elastic, and it gives a woman the opportunity to avoid injuries of perineum during childbirth.

Woman practices proper breathing, which promotes emotional relaxation, takes a number of safe postures that strengthen the pelvic muscles, relieve tension from the spine, increase muscle tone. Such techniques, in addition to strengthening the physical condition of mother, have a positive impact on the baby's health: proper breathing improves the flow of oxygen to the womb, special asana increase intrauterine size, allowing the baby to move freely, as well as improve the overall blood supply to the fetus.

The load should be increased very, very gradually. And if you feel some discomfort or pain, stop doing exercises immediately.

About the author: Stacy Green is a freelance writer at paper writing service. She adores playing the piano, drawing and reading about new technologies. Stacy is crazy about extreme sports.


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