You can't Give that which you don't Have

Can you give me peace of mind if you are running around in Chaos? Can you shower me with love when you sit in Hate? Can you listen to reason when you already tuned out?

You can't give that which you don't have this is my most recent lesson. In my grandmother's transition, many old wounds have been reopened. Many thoughts and emotions have resurfaced. When the past comes back at a time where your energy is at its low you really begin to see just how deep the damages run. As you're being tested what can you hold on too?

I am far from Enlightened and I can't even put a time frame on when I believe I could even be close but I do know that my continued practice of Mindfulness and self evaluation through the use of changing my perspective keeps me grounded daily and always brings me back to respect. It has been a challenge for sure to hear and to see ugliness directed my way and my daughter's way but I firmly believe it goes back to what we know or what we think we know...Perspective. 

It's delusional to think that if you haven't worked out your issues you will grow and change. It is a falsehood to remove yourself from a bad situation but still carry the bad situation around with you everywhere you go. We must always be working on ourselves. We must always be questioning our actions. We must never be content with staying the same way.

You can't give that which you don't have, so never stop growing.

What can we do to steer ourselves into kindness, into peace, into living Mindfully? Where can we turn or who can we turn to for help in expanding our hearts? I personally turn to reading or listening to Podcasts especially. There are so many great stories out there that show how we can grow from a negative place. How we can change our perspectives in tough times. These are a few places I turn to:

I have slowly built a library that feeds my soul with positive vibes. I continue to add to my arsenal gems that will help me navigate tough times and tough people. As a parent, I want to pass these things on to my daughter. I want her to fill her heart with kindness, love, and respect so that she is open to receive as well as give as needed throughout life.

Are you prepared to give positive energy to those around you or to situations that arise in your daily life? How do you provide the nurturing atmosphere your loved ones require if you yourself haven't been surrounded by the same? Share your experience, tell me a tip or two you have used to grow in kindness.

Always stress free xo,


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