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Hey everyone! It has been wayyyy too long since I have posted anything. I've had busy 2 weeks. Between a wedding, having family in town, and the 3rd cord for my laptop dying (That could be a whole other post!) I've
been slacking on my blogging duties. So here is an update on whats been going on.

Last week I discovered that the baby making Gods didn't have it in the stars for me to get pregnant this month. I am disappointed, to say the least. I really thought this was going to be a piece of cake. Granted as I had said before I've never "tried" to get pregnant. Unfortunately I think that is why it worked. Even though I said last month I was going to "Let go, and let God", I was completely full of BS and thought about it everyday. My wonderful Hubby suggested after this last go around that we take a break and not time, schedule, or monitor our sexual activity (what fun is that!?) I reluctantly agreed. I have a lot going on just trying to finish up my real estate course while at home ALL DAY with a clingy 4 year old. Adding the stress of trying to conceive was not helping anyone. I was not happy with my hubby's request, but I guess it made sense.

Then came the real stroke of GENIUS! The Hubby has been working really hard the last 5 months at getting his body back into the shape he was in before my cooking and sympathy baby weight packed on the pounds. I was
supposed to have joined him on this endeavor, but I like Oreo Cakesters and eating out way too much. One night after watching the P90X infomercial for about the 10th time he turned to me and said, "Honey we should do
that together!". The enthusiasm in his voice was actually cute, since he rarely speaks without a soothing monotone voice. After the laughter subsided and the tears stopped rolling down my face, I realized he was
on to something. When would be a more opportune time for the Universe to laugh in MY face at my baby making efforts, then to put 3 months into shaping a lean, mean, sculpted machine, and then have it all turned to
mush by wonderful baby bump!!!??? It was perfect! I knew that as soon as I reached the toned physique I yearned for since college I'd get knocked up! It was the most perfect, ironical, ass-backward plan, he had
ever concocted, and it just might work. TAKE THAT Universe!

This morning at 6 am the Hubby and I hit up Day 2 of this Hitler-style workout regimen. Muscles that I didn't know existed hurt and sneezing is now followed by intense abdominal pain. Yeah we'll see who has the last
laugh Universe! Ow, I think pulled another muscle.

Feeling the Burn from Boyland,


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